Women’s hockey naturalized player scores!She was accused of “dragging China’s feet”, and hundreds of netizens fought back

2022-07-07 0 By

The women’s ice hockey competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off on February 3.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team, returning to the Winter Olympics after a 12-year hiatus, lost 3-1 to the Czech Republic.The Czech team scored two goals first in the game.In the second period, China’s Miller scored a hard shot through the opponent’s goal to level the score at 1-2.Czech forward Elena Pezlova extended the lead in the third period to make it 3-1.Throughout the game, China was outshot 14 to 36.Forwards Miller and Linney tied for the team lead with three shots apiece.Miller scored the first goal for the Chinese women’s ice hockey team at the Beijing Winter Olympics, 4,365 days after China last scored in a Winter Olympics.After the game, Miller said on social media: “Sorry about the result, but we will try again!It’s an honor to score our first goal of the Games, it was a great team effort.”However, one netizen commented: “I’m speechless that China is dragging its feet again.”More than 200 users later wrote on Miller’s behalf in response to the “keyboard man” : “It’s the Chinese New Year that makes people sick.””You really are a disgrace to China.””Although the ball lost, but the whole match in the technical and tactical ability and physical advantage of the opponent, the momentum of the players can absolutely, you do not always use the concept of men’s football to see other Sports in China.”Born on February 16, 1996 in Vancouver, Canada, Miller is 175-meter tall and has represented Canada twice at the UNDER-18 World Championships, winning gold MEDALS in both competitions.In college, Miller represented the University of St. Lawrence in the NCAA for four seasons, recording 43 goals, 80 assists and 123 points in 124 games.In four seasons with Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star Hockey Club from 2018 to 2022, Miller scored 43 goals, 40 assists and 83 points in 80 games, becoming an important force in the team’s offensive line.Miller, who enjoyed bubble tea, hot pot and barbecued meat, learned a lot about Chinese culture and eventually became a citizen of China, representing the Chinese women’s ice hockey team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to the schedule, The Chinese women’s ice team will play against Denmark, its second opponent in the group stage, at 12:10 on February 4.Let’s cheer for Chinese women ice together!