Xu Nanji: We will vigorously promote all-round rural revitalization and high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas

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February 17, municipal Committee of the Rural work (implementation of rural revitalization strategy work) leading group meeting was held.Party secretary Xu Na ji chaired the meeting and delivered a speech, he stressed that must further implement the provincial party committee secretary of the yi lian red eagle research speech spirit, adhere to the problem oriented, highlight the priorities and vigorously promote prosperity, agriculture and rural areas, rural development, high quality to ensure that the central and provincial party committee in yingtan rural work conference spirit takes root, blossom and bear fruit.City leaders Zhang Zijian, Huang Jinlong, Xiao Guojun, CAI Jiang, Huang Zhong, Chu Xiaotao, Cheng Meihua, Su Jianjun, Wang Youjin, the secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, municipal government, municipal party committee rural work leading group members responsible for comrade to attend the meeting.The meeting stressed the need to improve the leadership mechanism.We will strictly implement the requirements of party secretaries at the fifth level to focus on rural revitalization, improve the leadership system for rural work under the unified leadership of the Party Committee, the responsibility of the government, and the overall coordination of the rural work departments of the Party Committee. We will give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas in all areas, and make greater efforts to promote rural revitalization.We should highlight our work priorities.In accordance with the 20-word guideline for rural revitalization, we will take the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the overall focus of our work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new era. We will ensure stable grain production, strengthen modern agriculture with high quality, improve the rural environment with high quality, improve rural living with high standards, improve rural governance with high efficiency, and improve organizational support with high standards.We will comprehensively promote industrial, personnel, cultural, ecological, and organizational revitalization.We need to improve the accountability system.Further clarify the functions and responsibilities of relevant agencies and departments in accordance with the division of responsibilities, strengthen coordination and build synergy in rural revitalization work;Functional departments should focus on “industry, human resources, ecology, culture, organization” and so on. They should not only perform their respective duties and responsibilities, but also make a unified plan and promote integration.We will strengthen supervision and assessment.We should focus on the work at the community level, strengthen the foundation, and strengthen the foundation. We should formulate and introduce as soon as possible a set of quantifiable evaluation indicators for rural revitalization, so that the rural revitalization work can have targets, tasks, be evaluated, and be assessed.Strengthen the application of results, give play to the “baton” role of assessment, encourage cadres to take responsibility in the front line of rural revitalization, and promote the formation of a good pattern of rural revitalization jointly promoted by the whole city.Yingtan city meeting reviewed the rural industrial action plan for three years to double the yingtan city rural construction action plan for three years “yingtan city in 2022, rural governance work key point of the whole domain of 2022 land system reform and standardize the management work key point of yingtan city” in 2022, the farmhouse style control working implementation plan “yingtan city in 2022, consolidating expand the crucial into povertyKey points of effective linkage with Rural revitalization.