Five Wonders: The Lapwing

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Five unique “solitary lapwing” solitary lapwing into the evening ting, and from the qing ning.Good is the middle of the lake, spring to a green.Note: Lapwings, lonely wild ducks.Song Zhao Fan “New Year’s Eve ancient style thirty rhymes” poem cloud: “my boat if solitary wing, casting casting to go meaning.”Evening Tint, tint island in the water in the evening.Song Chen Fu “mountain house” poem cloud: “mountain house old tree autumn also green, fishing boat at the foot of the mountain in the evening ting.”And since, for the time being, only.Song Xin Qiji “forever encounter music · Fu Mei Xue” word: “ruthless Hugh ask, many things, and from the visit to the snow.”Qing Ning, quiet peace, often refers to the world peace.Song Wang Mai “and to the government Lin Chu Zhai zhi Kei” poetry cloud: “Day and night west wang Sorrow court.When qiankun qing ning, “good is, much meaning, the meaning here is wonderful in, good.Tang Si Kongtu “Willow branch life cup word · its seventeen” poem cloud: “good is the place where pear set each other off, more wins the pine snow day early qing.”Flat water rhyme flat nine green.This poem was written in Shenzhen on February 9, 2022.Last spring I had filled in a mulberry word, also mentioned the wild lapwing, but that is double lapwing, word cloud: “Qingming no rain free square, trees green flowers red.Invite month pavilion east, I see double lapwing affection thick.Visitors strangers such as weaving, come and go in a hurry.Full of spring breeze, how many rural heart into the hope.”This song five jue write is solitary lapwing, see different, different mood, poetic will be different.