“Go to sell mobile phone recycling” 1000 yuan machine select Vivo Y55s

2022-07-08 0 By

Thousands of dollars of machine choice more and more, many friends in the selection of spare machine or send elders mobile phone will tend to thousands of dollars of machine, to sell recycling xiaobian take you to understand a high appearance level thousand dollars of machine Vivo Y55s.Vivo Y55s comes in three colors: ceramic black, Mirror lake blue and cherry pink meteor. The body weighs 199.8g and adopts a micro-arc frame design. The 3D curved back cover is comfortable to hold and perfectly fits the palm of your hand.Vivo Y55s has a 6.58-inch full HD large screen with a resolution of 2408*1080. It supports DCI-P3 movie level wide color gamut. It is equipped with anti-blue light eye protection mode and night reading mode, and the lowest brightness can be adjusted to 1Nit.The Vivo Y55s features a side fingerprint design, a Type-C charging port at the bottom of the body and a 3.5mm headphone jack.Vivo Y55s has a built-in 6000mAh battery to provide reverse charging function.The Vivo Y55s is equipped with a new generation of super speakers customized by Vivo, featuring flagship super amplitude and speaker-level diaphragm, with volume adjustable up to 200% and loudness up to 92dB.Equipped with A Breguet 700 5G processor, Vivo Y55s is based on 7nm manufacturing process and supports 5G dual-carrier convergence and 5G dual-card dual-standby, dual-band Wi-Fi smart network, AND 5G UltraSave energy saving technology.Vivo Y55s adopts memory fusion technology, 8GB+4GB is equivalent to 12GB operation storage effect.Vivo Y55s built-in 73mm liquid cooling heat dissipation heat pipe, using PGS graphite heat sink, thermal conductivity gel and high thermal conductivity copper foil.Vivo Y55s rear dual camera 50 million UHD main camera and 2 million macro lens, photo clearer.Favorite partners can consider starting with ha, unused second-hand mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets all recycled, easy to replace the new machine.