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On March 20, Futian district quickly issued the “Ten Policies” to support The Concerted Fight against the epidemic for small and medium-sized enterprises, which were the first to take effect on the same day and were widely praised by the society.Recently, Futian District continued to pay close attention to the economic operation, scientifically analyzed the impact of the epidemic on enterprises, and focused on the actual development needs, issued the epidemic prevention and enterprise benefit policy of Shenzhen Futian District for Stabilizing Enterprises and Benefiting People (hereinafter referred to as the New Ten Policies).Targeted support has been given to enterprises and individuals in 10 areas, including relief for tenants and merchants in urban villages, relief for the people, rent reduction and exemption, job creation, refund of funds from trade unions of small and micro enterprises, consumption to benefit the people, production and operation, epidemic prevention and elimination services, financial credit, and psychological care.Specific what steady enterprise benefit people measure looks ~ above support measure what object can apply for?When can eligible enterprises or individuals apply?How do I apply?Answers to your hot questions are here!Q What is the relationship between the “Ten Policies” for Stabilizing Enterprises and Benefiting People in Futian District of Shenzhen City (hereinafter referred to as the “New Ten policies”) and the “Ten Policies” for Supporting Enterprises in Concentric Fight against COVID-19 in Futian District of Shenzhen City (hereinafter referred to as the “Ten Policies”)?A the “Ten Policies” focus on supporting enterprises and institutions in key industries such as the service industry in Futian District that are heavily affected by the epidemic;The new ten-point policy supports both market entities and individuals, and is complementary to the ten-point policy on stabilizing enterprises and benefiting the people.Q What are the objects supported by the “New Ten” policy?A In addition to supporting enterprises whose registration place, tax relationship and statistical relationship are in Futian, the “New Ten” policy focuses on providing financial assistance to tenants, merchants, tenants and people with special difficulties in the urban village closure control area of Futian District (including areas managed by referring to the control area).Please refer to the policy provisions and application guide for details.Q Can anyone apply for the “New Ten” policy as long as they meet the target of support?A Market entities or individuals who violate the provisions of the “New 10” policy shall not enjoy the support of the policy.Residents of urban villages applying for living allowances should be included in the “white list” of the regional population registration, and have performed nucleic acid testing obligations in accordance with regulations.Q How to identify the “New Ten” policy containment control area?A The identification of closed control areas in the “New 10” policy shall be subject to the notice issued by COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Futian District.Q: After applying for the “Ten-point” policy, can I apply for the “ten-point” policy again?A If similar policies and standards are inconsistent, maximum support shall be given in accordance with the principle of non-duplication at the highest level.Q Where can I apply for the “New Ten” policy?A. please login “futian district enterprise service intelligence system platform” ( online application, one-stop include policy text interpretation, application guidelines and policies, declare channel, consulting services, etc.Q Is paper submission required for application materials?A. please login “futian district enterprise service intelligence system platform” ( and apply online, there will be A SMS notification after project has been verified to disclose the information.Q Can the application for “New Ten” also apply for relevant epidemic prevention policies or special fund policies for Industrial development of Futian District?A If the preferential policies issued by the superior government during the epidemic prevention period overlap with this policy, the enterprise can enjoy the local policy.If the higher level government issues relevant policies and requires district level support, the support shall be provided in accordance with the requirements.In addition to the mutual exclusion of some projects, it does not affect enterprises to apply for the special fund policy of Futian District industrial development, and supports enterprises to the maximum extent.Q When can qualified enterprises or individuals apply? Is there a deadline?A This policy shall be valid from the date of release to August 31, 2022. Applications shall be submitted according to the application time specified for each policy item. Overdue applications shall be considered as abandonment.Q What are the “New Ten” policy consulting telephone numbers?A logs in to wechat and searches for “Ifutian” mini program. Enter the page of “IFutian” and click the area of “Ifuqi”. The service specialist will sort out the situation reported by enterprises, coordinate and solve problems of enterprises, and provide policy interpretation and other services.Telephone number of specific project approval department: Article 1, Paragraph 1.District Collective Administration: 82918599, 83073603 Article 1, Paragraph 2.District Industry and Information Technology Bureau: 82918333-2632, 2612, 2625 Article 1, Paragraph 3.District Civil Affairs Bureau: 82918289, 82918720 Article 2, Paragraph 1.District Civil Affairs Bureau: 82918289 Section 2 of Article 2.District Human Resources Bureau: 82918408 Section 3 of Article 2.District Civil Affairs Bureau: 82925854 section 1, Article 3.District Property Center: 83871232;District State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau: 82917514 Article 3, Paragraph 2.District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau 82918756;District Industry and Information Technology Bureau: 82918333-2005, 2069 article 4, Paragraph 1.District Human Resources Bureau: 82918165, Section 2 of Article 4.District Human Resources Bureau: 83456517 Article 6.District Industry and Information Technology Bureau: 82918333-2632, 2612, 2625 article 7.District Finance Bureau: 82918405, section 1 of Article 9.District Financial Bureau: 82918333-0736 Section 2 of Article 9.District Financial Bureau: 82918333-0736 comprehensive consultation telephone.District investment promotion and enterprise Service Center: 82925718, 82925728END Editor: Tao Zheng