What was the most painful moment for your body?

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What was the most painful moment for your body?How do YOU kiss a girl and you can’t pull your tongue out of her teeth?Wait online, emergency notification.These effects suit me.Dark soy sauce will darken the baby’s skin.My parents threatened not to recognize me as their son if I used it.Dear friend, I want to know why my teacher did not reply to my message.I mean, I was wrong to write three words on the cake.Those of you who left school at 6 or 7, what are you doing now?My dog thinks it’s all for him. What should I do with my friend?I would give up drinking milk tea for a year in exchange for a boy who doesn’t smoke or drink, doesn’t chew betel nut, drinks moderately, is introverted and clingy.If you’re happy for me, I’ll be happy for you.The blue whale is so big that if a passing tiger whale shark gets hungry and climbs up to bite a piece of meat, what does it do?It seems that for both men and women, it is always the situation that wins the most hearts.But are you sure the driver won’t go further with that answer?In King of Glory, there is an anchor who develops 48% health zhuangzhou, what is the inscription on your clothes?You can’t get into the village without some connections.A professor surnamed Li once created a cold-resistant mosquito to fill the gap between winter mosquitoes in northeast China, which led to tragedy.Are you interesting?