2-1!The Blues have won the club World Cup for the first time in their history

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Chelsea drew 1-1 with Copa Libertres champions Palmeiras in the Club World Cup 2021 final on Sunday. Chelsea drew 1-1 with Copa Libertres champions Palmeiras after 90 minutes.1 beat their rivals to win the Club World Cup for the first time and make up for losing in the final nine years ago.Two teams in the semi-final defeat respectively the Riyadh national new and Cairo, Chelsea is nine years again into the club World Cup final, but palmeiras is to reach the final for the first time, it is the first time history of the team play, but Chelsea for brasileiro team may not be strange, because the last time they are lost to the final second corinthians,So the Blues are hoping to fill the void with a trophy.Competition both sides in the first half, you are making a few threats on goal, but in the 30th minute, mount cannot insist captopril sich on due to injury, it is a bad news for Chelsea, in the second-half 55 minutes, oddo’s cross from the left, in front of luca library header at the high back, help us break the deadlock,Belgium forward two consecutive cup winners, but not for long, the 64th minute, gift thiago silva, handball, wei to add all hit equaliser, then being dragged into overtime, the 117th minute, ismael foul – Garcia also send point, harvard, fencing overnight into a dead goal, taking stoppage time at the last minute,Luan Garcia was sent off as the last man in defence for a challenge on Hufferts as Chelsea escaped with a 2-1 win to clinch the Club World Cup.And Chelsea in addition to harvest the champion, the team also won the club World Cup fair competition, in terms of individual honor, thiago silva was elected club World Cup player, the club World Cup golden ball, he is since 2014, the first defender to win after ramos, rudiger margit depend on the steady play became the best player of the final.The winner, Robert Hafferts, became the first premier League player since Wayne Rooney to score in both the Champions League and club World Cup finals, while captain Azpilicueta won his first Club World Cup in more than nine years.So far, the European crown club World Cup champion team has nine years in a row, after Manchester united and Liverpool, Chelsea became the third win the premier league team of the tournament, since abramovich arrived in 2003, since all the blues have won the champion of the tournament, has realized the ultimate grand slam, they also absolute is a major team.