“Credit investigation repair” is not credible beware of three kinds of fraud routines

2022-07-09 0 By

Shanghai, Feb. 26 (Xinhua)As the application field of credit investigation continues to expand, “credit investigation and repair”, “credit investigation and whitewashing” and other false propaganda and fraud tricks emerge in endlessly, the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China recently issued a reminder, emphasizing that “credit investigation and repair” is not credible.”When some financial consumers go to banks to apply for loans, credit cards and other services, they find multiple overdue records on their credit reports, which affects the bank’s business approval, so they find illegal intermediaries and try to modify overdue records.Illegal intermediaries will fabricate reasons, forge materials and even take money to run away, which not only damages financial consumers’ economic interests, leads to the disclosure of sensitive personal information, and may even cause legal risks.”Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China introduced to reporters that there are three main sets of “credit investigation and repair”.One is to run away after charging high fees.Such scheme using the public anxious to eliminate bad credit urgent psychological as well as to the misunderstanding of the concept of “credit repair” to “single” credit repair, washed white, shovel “acting, consulting” ads, to handle the business such as name, abetting information main body with “malicious” overdue “force majeure” reason to falsify evidence materials such as complaints, to charge high fees,After the modification of bad information fails, it is usually not refunded or directly lost contact.Second, credit investigation training, join fraud.This kind of scam to credit investigation market demand, promising grounds, pretends to teach “credit repair” skills to open training classes, through the recruitment of students, join the agent and other forms of extensive development of the line, defraud join the agency fee.The core of the training was teaching people to deceive financial institutions by falsifying evidence in an attempt to erase overdue records.Third, defrauding sensitive personal information.This type of fraud in the process of dealing with “credit repair” request information subject to provide id card, bank card number, contact information, such as sensitive personal information, criminals through personal information disclosure, buy and sell their profit, even use this information to impersonate credit, extract high interest on loans, personal and property safety hazard information subject.”There is no such thing as’ repair ‘or’ whitewashing ‘in the field of credit investigation. Any’ credit investigation repair ‘that claims to be legal and charged is a scam, and no one has the right to delete or modify credit investigation records at will.”An official at the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China stressed, “Even if there are overdue records, don’t panic too much.On the one hand, overdue records on individual credit reports are retained for five years after the arrears and interest are paid off, not for life.On the other hand, banks will conduct comprehensive research and judgment when approving loans and will not take credit reports as the only reference basis.They can also explain the reason for the delay by issuing a personal statement, which will be recorded in their personal credit report.