Is black and white gray modern contracted style really suitable?Five disadvantages must be clear, and five skills to master

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When we are decorating, the first thing to do is to choose the decoration style we like.At present, there are many decoration styles, especially from some traditional decoration styles and re-evolved a variety of decoration styles, so that we may not understand the decoration style.In fact, what we focus on is whether we like it or not.For example, now more popular may be a kind of black and white gray decoration style.Like black and white gray modern contracted style has a lot of friends to choose, so really suitable for us?In this article, household utensils will give you a few shortcomings of modern and contracted style of black and white gray and the specific problems of practice.After understanding these, we can basically know whether we are suitable for black, white and gray modern simple style.What does the malpractice of modern contracted style of black and white ash have?To black and white gray the advantage of modern contracted style did not say, believe a lot of friends also understand, it is special concise and clear.But for black and white gray, decoration after the formation of some abuses, a lot of friends are not clear.This leads to a lot of friends who choose black, white and gray decoration style found that it is not what they want, that is, it is particularly uncomfortable to live.Therefore, to the malpractice of modern and contracted style of black and white gray, we should first understand.To sum up, it contains the following four points.(1) The first defect of modern simple style of black, white and gray is actually the problem of indoor light.After the completion of the black, white and gray decoration, the indoor light is actually to give a person the feeling is particularly dim.So black and white gray decoration, generally should be equipped with the corresponding lighting design.If we use traditional lighting, for example, each room only has the main light, then the style of black, white and gray decoration is not acceptable.Like many friends, the house was originally very transparent, after the decoration of black, white and gray, it felt very dark, feeling every day is cloudy feeling.In fact, this kind of situation is very bad for our physical and mental health.(2) Black, white and gray decoration style, for some decoration materials and even the choice of furniture have a lot of requirements.Here the simplest the most obvious a requirement is, decorate material or furniture to use basically is contracted model.And then the color is basically based on black, white and gray.One problem is that the colors in our rooms are extremely monotonous.If we like this kind of black, white and gray color combination, then it is a good choice.If we don’t like the color scheme, we’ll find it difficult to change it later if we want to.Therefore, the collocation of black, white and gray decoration style is for specific people, and it does not have universality.(3) The modern simple style of black, white and gray has certain limits for some decoration materials.For example the ground shop that place chooses in our home installs material, the likelihood is specific a few, bring about the price of this kind of material to be likely relatively higher so.Similarly, for indoor wall decoration materials and roof decoration, basically it is the same.And finally caused by a situation, it is possible that the overall interior decoration cost is on the high side.Black and white gray modern contracted decoration, its practice is not simple, this is a lot of friends did not consider clearly before the decoration.(4) black, white and gray decoration, the requirements for design and collocation are very high.For example, in the design scheme of black, white and gray, if we do not have a reasonable design and collocation of lighting and color, it will lead to the overall interior will be very dim, giving people the feeling of lack of vitality indoors.So it is required to use the color, and then use light to achieve our indoor color change.For example, it is common to add lighting through downlights, spotlights and chandeliers.If it is just a simple scheme, there is no color and lighting collocation, it is a very failed decoration.How to match black and white gray decoration?Like the black, white and gray in the home decoration, mainly refers to the basic tone adopted in our home decoration hard decoration is black, white and gray.For example, what the ground shops is gray floor tile, metope is white latex paint, and for other a few adornment choice may be close to black, it is black and white gray 3 mass-tone tones so.But for the black, white and gray decoration style, we should reasonably match.Like a lot of friends may not dare to use black, this is the problem that needs to be considered when collocation.Therefore, I recommend the following five parts of the collocation method.①, living room collocation.In black and white ash decorates a plan, when we are designing a sitting room, want to match color above all.For example, we can use a combination of black and non-colored white and gray as well as colored colors.Can realize the sitting room so very composed fashion.For example, white walls, white furniture and sofa can be used more commonly, so that our living room is more transparent and bright, concise.(2), the restaurant, the restaurant in the design and decoration, can take the current more popular is the mirror, the mirror to take the black mirror straight line landing mirror, so that people feel very modern.On the ground, can choose white or it is shallow white floor tile, in collocation with black or close to black table, match the droplight of black above, and tableware chooses white, formed a very obvious contrast so, also very individual character.③, the collocation of the bedroom.For the bedroom, we should pay special attention to the collocation when, because the bedroom is a place where we usually rest, the need to create a feeling is as warm and comfortable as possible.When decorating a design so, also want to assure the halcyon of the bedroom, warmth and comfortable.So the collocation suggestion given by the individual at this time can choose the grey quilt cover, quilt cover.But you can choose white decorative paintings, and you can choose off-white walls.Use brown or gray for curtains.Can make the bedroom more quiet and comfortable through these collocation so.④, the collocation of the toilet.Because toilet is narrower, and general air is more humid, can adopt concise and lively design so.For example the toilet collocation that the individual recommends to everybody makes mass-tone tone with white namely, tie-in black next.For example our wall, the ground can choose white, to clean provide can choose black.So the collocation of black, white and gray is more reasonable, and the feeling is clean, very bright.It just feels so comfortable.⑤, the collocation of porch.To porch, it is the place that we take the door to see above all.So to the design of porch, the proposal that the individual gives can choose to be in the wall make it of both sides namely off-white, but do not choose too dark color as far as possible, can appear special depressive.Can be in a few more conspicuous position collocation black additionally, can make porch builds the effect that has administrative levels feeling more so.Conclusion Black and white grey is a very popular decoration style at present, but not for all people.So when we choose, the suggestion given by individuals is that first of all we should make a set of decoration renderings, and then personally feel the effect.Or we want to find the actual black and white gray completed decoration case, feel on the spot.Only we can accept these can we choose black and white, otherwise we do not recommend that we choose black and white gray decoration scheme.For the decoration of black, white and gray, we should learn to match reasonably.In this article, household utensils through the collocation of five positions, to give you a simple collocation.Hope everybody is decorating before, can understand these clearly.