Junior high school students for parents to buy private reading, to double standard parents raised a wake up

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Have you ever heard of parents exerting pressure on their children, and have you ever seen children reverse the trend of giving parents “remedial lessons”?Mammoth News reported that recently, a mother in Changsha was busy with her children’s spare time and loved playing with her mobile phone at home.Dissatisfied with the “double standard” son used the New Year’s money, bought a classmate home “parents success to learn” with the same book, hoping that his mother more gentle and enlightened.In the video, the junior middle school student buys a bunch of books for her mother, with interesting titles such as “You Just Pretend to Be with your Child,” “Don’t Yell, Don’t Yell, Mom’s Practice,” and “Nonviolent Communication.”From the title of the book, it is not hard to see the child’s dissatisfaction and “complaint.”Of course, the junior high student didn’t necessarily mean to criticize his mother severely;Parents happily accept suggestions that their children want their mothers to be more gentle and open-minded.In my opinion, it was a good interaction.In a humorous way, the child expresses his desire not to be pressured too much without stiffening the family relationship.However, such an interesting story reminds us once again that when it comes to education, parents and children should not have a one-way relationship.It is better to teach by example than by precept. Should parents also consider their children’s ideas when educating their children, instead of exerting constant pressure on their children with a kind of educational logic?Many parents often fall into a “good for you” logic trap when educating their children.It has become the choice of many parents to arrange more questions for their children and sign up for more cram classes to fill their spare time.Naturally, this leads to severe “inrolling”.And those who are burdened with academic pressure are also suffering.The anxiety of “not losing at the starting line” makes parents devote most of their efforts to their children.But the so-called “roll-in effect” shows that many inputs are ineffective inputs and ineffective competition.Only learning without play, only doing exercises without leisure, which is of course detrimental to the overall growth of children.And, in my opinion, the more overlooked influence is actually the parent-child relationship — how can you expect a child who doesn’t have any spare time to form a rapport with his parents?Education of children is a knowledge, parents of education model whether there is a problem, no more than children can accurately experience.So instead of pressuring your child from the top down, form an effective interaction.Parents should also regard education as a learning process, listen to their children’s feedback, and reflect on and correct their own improper education methods.In fact, many parents continue to increase the workload of their children, in addition to the original intention of hoping for success, there is no lack of lazy selfishness.For some parents, handing their children off to remedial classes, cram schools and endless tests and questions has made parenting a breeze.Such laziness, however, can cause problems.Many children growing up on the Internet are more precocious and assertive than their parents were when they were younger.Like the junior high school student in the video who is teaching his parents “remedial lessons” in reverse, they are more able to express their opinions and express their dissatisfaction that their spare time is being squeezed by their parents’ use of mobile phones.The “creative” behavior of the child against the army is actually a kind of friendly reminder of the parent-child relationship — the child needs to learn, and the parents also need to learn.That kind of “double standard” education model which makes the child “big pressure”, but the parents are relaxed, will only create more trouble for the child’s growth.Source: China Youth Daily