Trust county commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision: strengthen their own construction to create a standardized, legalized, regularized discipline inspection and supervision team

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County commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee adhere to political construction, through the construction of “three”, give full play to the supervision and security implementation, promote the perfect development, realizes the team “catch” and “catch” depth fusion, common development, in order to highlight the effectiveness and unremitting exploration of thinking, to promote the development of new era discipline inspection work quality.”To be good at thinking, be good at summing up, earnestly the room affairs meeting, regular working meetings, collective learning meeting, business learning meeting, the standing committee of the Commission for Discipline Inspection to grasp and grasp in place, focus on strengthening the theory and business learning, strengthen the work scheduling deployment, improve the quality of work…”The first day after the Spring Festival, the county commission for Discipline inspection supervision committee held a meeting of all discipline inspection cadres, the county commission for discipline inspection supervision committee mainly responsible person around inspiring morale, improve the style, clear tasks, vigorously implement, give you the first lesson after the festival.The county Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has always taken the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a major political task.The standing Committee of the County Commission for Discipline inspection insists on learning and walking ahead, and always takes the study and implementation of the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech as the “first issue” of the standing Committee of the County Commission for Discipline inspection, the first time to convey the study and research.We will carry out intensive intra-Party education in a strict and practical manner, consolidate the results of party history study and education with the focus on the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the spirit of the next higher Party congress, and the spirit of the plenary session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and constantly improve our political judgment, understanding, and execution ability.For printing on the through the construction of the party’s political and strengthening the construction of the new county commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee organized group decision, based on the current and long-term, on promoting political quality, proficiency, refining the concretization, article 20 measures are put forward, to further strengthen the county construction of the party’s political discipline inspection authority to make system deployment, resolutely safeguard established “two”,Insist on “two maintenance”.Is on innovation Improve supervision and enforcement law enforcement ability since this year, the county commission for discipline inspection committee adhere to the political supervision in the first place, highlight the key point, make the printing a county commission for discipline inspection committee monitoring “about strengthening the construction of ecological and environmental protection supervision and inspection work plan (try out)” the implement effective connection with country revitalization of strengthen poverty engines results special supervision work plan (try out) “,We will establish a good ledger for political oversight, regularly check, verify, and submit accounts, and ensure that wherever the CPC Central Committee makes major decisions, political oversight will follow up.At the same time, the discipline inspection commissions of each town and the accredited agencies have been set up to supervise and inspect the work, and the working mechanism of “one list per month, one supervision per month, and one rectification per month” has been implemented to carry out detailed and practical daily supervision.”The oversight is more focused, more precise and more effective than in the past.”Accredited county fourth joint discipline inspection and supervision group responsible for deep feelings.In order to further integrate internal forces, optimize resource allocation, and improve the quality and efficiency of the examination and investigation work, the county Commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision has established and improved the working mechanism of joint supervision and joint case handling, and built a “double and three” elite team of supervision and discipline enforcement and examination and investigation, and strengthened information sharing, complementary advantages and division of labor.The relationship between the discipline inspection and supervision office and the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision group and the town Discipline Inspection Commission is further straightened out, and the connection between the room and the group is closer, and the effect of “1+1+1 > 3” gradually appears.Efforts to love Make good team county commission for discipline inspection committee attaches great importance to its construction, continuously strengthen ideological refinement, political experience, practice, professional training, in-depth study and implement the regulations on the work discipline inspection committee of the communist party of China, for the county discipline inspection organs “learning promotion to promote” three “activities,” the “study, test, speak” comprehensive integration,To achieve learning to promote knowledge, to promote learning, to speak to promote the purpose.Strengthen self-supervision, consummate the internal control mechanism, to improve the operating mechanism and its power management supervision system, to develop the county commission for discipline inspection of the work system of the system of the decision of the standing committee “on further strengthening the implementation of the” six management “program, a sound system of perfect 42 items, continue to advance the discipline inspection team construction of standardization and legalization and regularization.Statement: Reprint please indicate the source is Vitality Tocto