Beijing Winter Olympics ninth press conference: more than half of the race has begun to arrange relevant personnel to leave the country

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The ninth regular press conference of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the main media Center today.Officials of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists.At today’s regular press conference, IOC spokesman Mark Adams reiterated the latest viewing figures.As of Feb. 11, the Total viewing time of the Beijing Winter Olympics in China reached 2.05 billion hours.That’s 15 percent more than pyeongChang and Sochi combined.Mark Adams, IOC PRESS SECRETARY: The Beijing Winter Olympics are the most watched Winter Olympics of all time, with 2.23 billion minutes of coverage so far in the United States, according to NBC.Today is the ninth competition day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and the race has reached the halfway point.Christophe Duby, head of the IOC’s Olympic Department, said the events were running smoothly and many athletes had given very high comments on the services provided to the venues, venues, food and accommodation.The international Olympic committee (ioc) of the director of the Olympic Games Christopher dolby: hear from athletes, they all say it is a very wonderful competition, they release a lot of them on social media is full of warm smile photos, this is our very great achievement, the main achievement is the athletes’ satisfaction, this is beyond our imagination.To cope with climate change conference makes adequate plans today, Beijing, zhangjiakou, yanqing three division have snow, generally Yang Shuan, vice President of the Beijing games organizers introduced, due to the weather forecast accurately and on time, within the division staff are ready to fully plan, to ensure normal event, as a result of weather conditions to tournament will be postponed.Yang Shuan, Vice President of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) : Thousands of workers from Zhangjiakou came to the track at 5 am this morning to clear the snow, but the snow was too heavy and too fast to meet the visibility requirements, so they postponed today’s race to ensure the safety of the athletes.But the track still needs to be cleared of snow before the next race day begins.Meanwhile, Yang shuan said the competition organization and operation command system of the Beijing Winter Olympics is running smoothly.Taking medical treatment as an example, genting Ski Park and Yanqing Alpine Ski Center respectively used helicopters to transport injured athletes in a timely manner, and their quick on-site treatment and subsequent hospitalization have been recognized and praised by athletes and the International Winter Sports Federation.Yang Shuan, VICE President of BOCOG: Mr. Hans, the medical officer of the International Snow Federation, made it very clear that the medical rescue in the men’s all-around downhill alpine skiing event on February 10 was the perfect rescue.In terms of epidemic prevention and control, Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic prevention office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said the epidemic prevention measures taken so far for the Beijing Winter Olympics have been effective and successful.Deputy director of the office of the Beijing games organizers and epidemic prevention Nunda: we see after we closed loop within all stakeholders, including closed loop outside of some Chinese staff, including the joint efforts of the Chinese public, the overall risk of outbreaks is in our hands, so I think this epidemic prevention measures are effective, it should be said that so far and epidemic prevention is a success.The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have made arrangements for the departure of foreign athletes and other relevant personnel from China.Zhao Weidong, spokesperson for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said 20 Chinese and foreign airlines will operate stably during the Games, and temporary flights from 20 cities, including Paris, Tokyo and Singapore, will be available to Beijing.During peak hours, Chinese and foreign airlines can offer an average of 17 temporary outbound flights a day, while cities such as London and Bangkok can also offer temporary flights to and from Beijing based on people involved in the Olympics.