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Drink Guizhou your wine to enjoy a distinguished life, brilliant career from a cup of your wine to start, bit by bit to achieve brilliant life, on the road to success, your wine for you all the way.Guizhou Guizhou Wine, founded in 1950, is one of the first state-owned winemaking enterprises in Guizhou Province. In 2012, it was awarded the honor of “Guizhou Time-honored Brand” by the Department of Commerce of Guizhou Province. During the 14th five-year plan period, Guizhou Wine will achieve the new goal of annual winemaking capacity of 15,000 tons, wine storage capacity of 100,000 tons and sales of 5 billion yuan.Have the honor to taste your wine, feel your wine that glass mark, full body, maotai-fragrant nose, intoxicating, open cup of fresh fragrance, long aftertaste is not a wisp of special mellow taste and refreshing.Your wine maotai-scented taste, the entrance soft pure fragrance makes people instantly drunk in the mellow wonderful, a drink to get drunk;And I drink to wake up from the wonderful aroma.Drinking depends on what kind of wine to drink, and with whom to drink, suddenly remembered the poet Li Bai’s exhortation poem “he once drank with his friends all night,” happy talk to rest, wine chat together wave “;He had also been deceived by Wang Lun because of his good wine, “Does Sir Drink well?There are ten thousand hotels “;In his opinion, nothing in life is a pot of wine, “life must be happy, do not make the golden bottle empty to the moon”, so it can be seen that wine and emotion are inseparable, wine in the cup of affection in the heart, deeply drink this cup of wine!Drink this cup of affectionate wine, full of ten thousand kinds of customs of wine!Sentient feeling, full of strong friendship wine!A taste makes people unforgettable, drink your wine to enjoy the noble life, in this sweet mellow wine aroma, our mood tends to peace;Our emotions have been purified, which is a kind of insight into life.