Guizhou Rural Credit Bank “three focus” to strengthen financial services for new citizens

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For further implementation of jinping general secretary about change of poverty alleviation and move the follow-up support a series of important spirit, combined with silver insurance regulatory commission, people’s bank on strengthening the work of the new public financial service requirements, its foothold in guizhou county territory economy development actual, in view of the change of relocation new citizens in entrepreneurship, employment, education, health care, pension and other key areas,To strengthen product and service innovation in accordance with local conditions, and continuously reach and benefit new citizens with financial services.Figure: Credit funds supporting the development of new citizens industry focus on new citizens financial services from the perspective of business philosophy.Give full play to local financial mainstay function, sets up “service follow change of new citizens to move” work idea, change of moving mass by service as a new citizen to explore and deepen financial services, regions and guide the entire province farming letter to meet the demand of urbanization under the wave of new residents in guizhou financial on important strategic position,Constantly adjust its financial services function and service model to keep pace with the development needs of new citizens.Up to now, 7.524 billion yuan of loans have been issued to new residents relocated to other areas for production and business operations, living expenses, employment and entrepreneurship.Graph: & quot;Housing loan & quot;Help new citizens to focus on new citizens financial services from the financial products.Combined with change of new citizens to move the pain points and difficulties of financial services in guizhou, its in financial service innovation, specifically the change to move new public credit registries, rating, credit the concrete goal, relying on the “deep help borrowed” via “get rich” “social credit” credit products, such as setting up reasonable new citizens credit rating model,Key support for the new citizens of skillful craftsman, traditional craft tradition, planting and aquiculture whiz, innovation such as university graduates employment, the entire province farming letter for change of moving new citizens to establish credit files of 422300, by inputting surface 98.51%, credit total 20.647 billion yuan, powerful eliminates the new citizens “two head empty” exists in the financial services “two ends” run the obstacle,To ensure that financial services are accessible to new citizens in all areas.Figure: Supporting the development of edible fungus industry for new citizens relocated to inhospitable areas focusing on financial services for new citizens from the perspective of service mode.By adding fixed business outlets, Guizhou rural village access, Guizhou agricultural post station, ATM self-service machine and tools in the relocation of new citizens, and developing mobile financial services, the bank business counter is moved forward to create a “long-legged counter”.At the same time, it focuses on the new citizens’ social security life fields such as education, pension, medical care, and so on. It will intensify efforts to build theme banks and characteristic service outlets, and continue to assist relevant departments to solve the prominent problems of new citizens in employment, pension, education and so on, so as to continuously meet the diversified, equal and convenient needs of new citizens for financial services.Up to now, the province has set up 284 business outlets and 686 financial service outlets (including Guizhou and Rural post stations), constantly filling the gaps in basic financial services for new citizens.Figure: The village community should be located in the immigrant area to serve the new citizens