Is the delay 9.18 deliberate or procedural?Net friend: This has five advantages for the opposing side

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In case 28, it has been 9 months since the court hearing on May 8 and more than 4 months since the court hearing on September 18. The judgment has not been given yet, which is far beyond the relevant provisions on time limit in judicial practice.Under normal circumstances, civil cases are tried in accordance with ordinary procedures and should be concluded within six months from the date of filing.Therefore, it can be considered that case 28 is a complicated case and is not an ordinary case.If the allegation of disorderly management made by the drum Tower police officer on April 21 holds water, the trial on September 18 does not need to wait so long for a verdict.Netizens believe that the transfer of sentence in case 28 is inevitable, and the late official announcement is either necessary for the procedure, or deliberately, no matter what the reason, has brought five benefits to the opposing side.Set aside time to sell fixed assets.Du told his son in 2020 that he could not transfer the ownership of his house because all the houses would be seized if the court ruled that they had been converted.In 2021, du posted a personal certificate of no house, which is very different from the actual situation learned from the investigation of anchors.Internet users later revealed that Du sold his property in Henan province and planned to buy a house in Jiangxi province in 2022. In order to avoid the house being seized, the new house may be registered under the name of his daughter-in-law.2. Give the person involved time to run.It is rumoured that shampoo has resigned from the big pharmacy and is planning to emigrate.In this sensitive period, the success of immigration depends on her individual ability, and she has been given the time.3. Give the big anchor time to change direction.The only hope is to buy influential anchors and “we media” people, destroy the kind mother through another way, let her open live without rice to earn, in order to improve life only to give up looking for the truth, obediently sit down to negotiate.4. Give Brother Yong time to eliminate pitfalls.Netizens pay attention to the 28 case is not just about stealing children, the interests of large pharmacies in the history of trafficking and bidding violations are all under the supervision of ordinary people.Once Pandora’s box is opened, it’s not just four golden flowers.After 9.18, Yong Brother will have to hurry up to deal with the accounting and asset issues other than 28.5. Take the initiative to create a turnaround.One is to destroy the unknown adverse evidence involving 28; the other is to play the leading role of human beings to find the key Mr. Who can break into the door; the third is to create a little secret similar to the Luoyang incident to scare the good people.Conclusion 9.18 the court official declared late wasted the morale of the justice of the netizens, the original goal of the truth powder from the internal strife.The opposition party took the opportunity to find the opportunity to survive in the cracks, they may have made a number of sets of plans against the nine uncle.For the opposing side, time is both money and a lifeline.Facing the whole network hundreds of millions of eyes, uncle Drum tower does not want to provoke a SAO, can give only time.At this stage, it is the time to test the wisdom and determination of netizens, confused, must remember, we come 28 is to support the good mother to find the truth, the truth is in the case, all remarks deviating from the main line should make a big question mark.28 years of life