Vallieva drops out?Trusova showed up at the awards ceremony, and the winner was not happy

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Vallieva drops out?Trusova showed up at the awards ceremony, and the winner was not happy., much attention has been paid to Russia three conditions have been after all three dolls are special skills, the winter Olympics for all three of his performance is really looking forward to, all thought it three, she can do the first three but things didn’t work, the winter Olympics in stages, to expose the Russian delegation someone taking “doping”, the news, everybody began to worry about wali “state,I was really afraid of affecting the child’s mentality, so the event continued to ferment, but also as long as Valieva won, the award ceremony will not be held, that is to say, there is no gold medal awarding ceremony, under pressure, Valieva repeatedly made mistakes in the competition, finally ranked fourth.Valieva had been favored to win the gold medal, but in order for the medal ceremony to go ahead, she had to “put the bigger picture first.”Out of the field K treasure, direct collapse, wu face tears can’t calm mood, a 15-year-old girl, experience for such a big thing, completely is not in the scope of a child’s precontrol, so wali “1” in the bully me all over the world “, instantly let netizen tears, after a “my fourth, the awards ceremony can be held at least” is to let people love dearly unceasingly.With the strength of K Bao, it is inevitable that some people question whether her mistake is “intentional” or abnormal. Whatever the reason, the child has been heartbroken and announced her withdrawal from the Winter Olympics for the first time, and will not participate in the exhibition competition.Trusova appeared at the medal ceremony, women’s figure skating with five quad jumps, the highest score of 177.13, Trusova was expected to win the gold medal, but due to the short program scores, the total 4.23 points behind, in the second place, and finally had to settle for silver.For this result, it can be seen that Trusova is very unhappy, for this we can see that the Russian three children are more inside-out, so they can dominate figure skating for a long time there is a reason.After the race, we can see that Sasha was so emotional that she even refused to attend the medal ceremony at one point, Shouting that she did not want to skate anymore, and that she “hated” this sport. Everyone has a gold medal, why did I not have one?Coach had to comfort Trusova, continued persuasion, Sasha appeared in the award ceremony, although still a little mood, but the silver medal around the neck, revealing a long time smile.After the interview, Trusova also said the reason for her emotional breakdown. She completed five quadruple jumps by herself, so she was very happy to break through herself. I was also very happy about my performance, but the reason for my crying was that I was a little homesick and missed my mother and dog.For putting tough words said hate this sport, but also because the child has not won for three years, and he has been trying, but the result is still not satisfied, this said is too “Versailles”, xiaobian just want to say, so good people are still working hard, we can not relax.Cher backus Eva dominant but not happy, because fought alongside his teammates, and wept, coach busy comfort K treasure and salsa, his title is sitting there alone, without people cheered his celebration, let small make up the lost expression love dearly unceasingly, after all we are clean to win the gold medal, but not for our daughter.But after a night’s rest, teammates in a somewhat ease mood, in yesterday’s ceremony, the shell of the first division, she also realized the joy of champions, but love and lovely daughter bouncing on the podium, henceforth, like elf, when gold medal hanging around his neck, see the gold medal in every athlete’s dream,Serbakova excitedly kisses the gold medal.Now that everything is done and Silbakova can finally enjoy the joy of victory, congratulations to this beautiful girl again and wish her the best as she begins the next chapter of her career.In fact, to be honest, if valieva had not played a mistake, Russia’s three children won the top three is a sure thing, after all, these three children’s strength, we all see.Can 15-year-old Valieva rise from the ashes?We’re looking forward to it.The Russian women figure skating inside roll serious, each strength is superior, the next Winter Olympics can see these three combined competition?So what do you have to say about these three dolls?You can leave a comment in the comments section and wait for you to see the next exciting content.