Gas station workers lend a helping hand after a bus carrying epidemic supplies broke down late at night

2022-07-11 0 By

On March 31, the freight car that transports epidemic prevention materials is located in the Shanghai west oil horizontal storehouse gas station of clear xiang highway breaks down carelessly when refueling, gas station stationmaster helps in time, clever solution difficult problem, help vehicle starts smoothly, set foot on transportation road again.At 10:35 p.m., a truck carrying quarantine supplies entered a gas station in Hoengchang, but failed to start after filling up.The truck driver was at a loss as his several attempts failed, maintenance personnel could not arrive in a short time, and the delivery of epidemic prevention materials was delayed.After hearing this, Wang Xiaolin, the station master, immediately came to check the vehicle condition. With years of experience in dealing with truck drivers, combined with the vehicle ignition sound and the headlights when refueling, he made a preliminary judgment that the truck was likely to be unable to start because the battery was out of power.Wang Xiaolin, the station master, calmed the owner of the truck and called on two other employees to push the truck to safety outside the gas station.Because of the heavy weight of the truck, it is very difficult to push, the three men pushed the truck out of the gas station, panting.Before waiting for a long rest, Wang xiaolin came back to his private car to “hitch” the stalled truck to recharge.After emergency charging, the truck was successfully started, and the driver thanked Wang Xiaolin and the employees repeatedly.”This is what we should do to fight the epidemic.”Wang Xiaolin said.In order to ensure energy during epidemic control continue to supply, China petrochemical jiading district part of the gas station business continuously, specific list as follows: * the above site listing may have change, will be subject to actual situation if you can go to the gas station closed, please according to the site to inform the customer books or unattended staff guidance, to the surrounding gas station nearby.Source: Jiading, Shanghai