Winter Olympics village “community clinic” : traditional Chinese medicine source in short supply

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Village polyclinic will provide medical services for nearly 2,000 athletes and international officials living in the Beijing Winter Olympic Village during the Winter Olympics.It is small in scale but has all the five organs, including 18 departments except pediatrics and obstetrics, which can meet basic and comprehensive medical needs.Among them, traditional Chinese Medicine is the most popular appointment source department.As the deputy medical officer of Beijing Village Clinic, Qiu Yujie from xuanwu Hospital pharmacy department has experienced the transformation from pharmacist to “qiu worker”.When she first came to the clinic, it was still a construction site.Wearing a hard hat and flashlight, qiu Yujie, who is not familiar with the structure of her house, simply understood the design drawings of the Beijing village clinic on the upper and lower floors.”Beijing Winter Olympics Village is like a big community, and our clinic is the community hospital here.”Qiu Yujie said that the design of a hospital from scratch, need to consider a lot of problems, just a dental treatment chair in the department of stomatology, need to do a good job of upstream and downstream water, positive and negative pressure pipeline supporting construction, must be connected to the underground machine room.Led by Xuanwu Hospital and coordinated by six hospitals in Beijing, the Beijing Village Clinic was successfully completed after more than five months of transformation.National team doctors are the first “visitors” who need to know what the clinics have to offer.One of qiu yujie’s most memorable experiences was when a team doctor from the US team wanted to visit the chief medical officer.According to the epidemic prevention requirements, Qiu Yujie kept a distance of about one meter with the other party while leading the way. “ACTUALLY, I really hope we can get closer to each other,” she explained apologetically.Qiu yujie was surprised and touched by the reply, “He said that he admired our contribution. He thought China had done a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and the clinic reassured them.”As the main residents of the Beijing Winter Olympic Village are the ice athletes, considering the fierce competition, the Beijing village clinic in addition to 24-hour emergency treatment, eye clinic also provides 24-hour registration service.But here, the source of the most “popular” department, is the department of Traditional Chinese medicine.”The number of traditional Chinese medicine is in short supply, every day is full state.”Qiu Yujie once met a patient receiving hand acupuncture in the clinic. Even through the mask, he could see the smile in his eyes. “When the symptoms are really alleviated after receiving TCM treatment, the ‘advertising effect’ will be generated, and their teammates will want to try it.”In addition to English diagnosis and treatment skills, doctors are required to master anti-doping knowledge, which is qiu yujie’s specialty as a pharmacist.She conducted special training for doctors in the clinic on the basics of stimulant drugs and therapeutic exemptions.”In addition to providing medical treatment, but also do a good job of medical security related services, this is our duty and mission to serve the Winter Olympics.”Qiu Yujie said.