9 o ‘clock, January 22, 2022

2022-07-12 0 By

As of 9 o ‘clock on January 22, our province highway and ordinary trunk highway parts of longnan section of sleet, pingliang part of the section of fog, the rest of the section of weather sunny or cloudy.1, G22 qinglan expressway Pingliang East toll Station, pingliang west toll station entrance to Huating direction temporary traffic control;2, G8513 pingmiao High-speed Huating West Toll Station entrance two-way temporary traffic control;3, S11 Jinghua Expressway Huating North Toll Station entrance two-way temporary traffic control;G8513平 安 高速 wujiapu interchange interchange to baoji direction of vehicles to take diversion measures1, G6 Beijing-Tibet high-speed Silver to Ningxia direction, from the new pier toll station about 4 km K1474 occurred in the traffic accident, road half single lane traffic.2, G30 Lianhuo expressway lanzhou to Wuwei direction, near the Gate service area K1853 traffic accident, road half single lane traffic.G70 fu-Yin expressway Fengkou toll station entrance to Xi ‘an direction temporary traffic control, prohibit all vehicles into the highway.In addition, shaanxi-Gansu junction K1863~K1865 section to Xi ‘an direction of large traffic, vehicle traffic is slow.Other sections of the province moderate traffic flow, good traffic order.For more information on road conditions, please contact the wechat official account “Gansu Transportation 12328”, the Sina Weibo account of Gansu Transportation Science and Technology Communication Center, or download the “Gansu Transportation” APP.