Amazon insurance claims first case appears

2022-07-12 0 By

Amazon’s claim notification email: Above, the seller receives an email notification from Amazon.The first claim settlement case of Amazon insurance seller in China has appeared and is being verified.Probably no one would have guessed that the product was just wigs and adhesives.In the early days of Amazon insurance CGL, some sellers thought that the insurance certificate was only reviewed, and it was not important whether it was true and valid and could be claimed, because it was impossible for the products they sold to have claims.In fact, we do not use our own thinking to think about foreigners’ logic, especially in the United States/Canada, the awareness of rights protection is much higher than in China.Cross-border sellers’ pursuit of lower costs for informal insurance certificates is like a bet against each other.If the accident does not look like a bit of advantage, if the case like the buyer’s claim is established, the store is likely to stand in trouble.The buyer pursues Amazon, and Amazon pursues real insurance claims. If the claims cannot be effectively settled, won’t Amazon find the seller?Cross-border platforms, insurance institutions, service providers serving sellers, sellers themselves are slowly accepting market education.Cross-border platforms know the risks of e-commerce and require sellers to provide insurance certificates.Insurers slowly discovered that claims were not so risky, as amazon’s back office accelerator did, and raised their prices sharply a few months later.Good service providers know that they want to maintain seller cooperation for a long time, and know that the regular nature of insurance certificates must not allow errors;Do not give how long, the seller people also can choose the service provider of regular operation more seriously to buy.POE’s insurance problems slowly arose.Some service providers have begun to find problems, but many sellers do not understand the details of insurance, and do not know the operation of the inside.There are already organizations that are beginning to see problems with POE policies. The market needs an education process, and smart sellers understand price and value priorities and do not risk their stores.(If only one certificate is needed, practitioners who are familiar with the process operation can issue the certificate at a cost of several hundred RMB or even close to zero, but only by sticking to the formal business can they become bigger and bigger.)Our cross-border e-commerce C14 team insists on selling reliable insurance. The issuing institution of the insurance policy has two advantages that are unmatched. One is that it is protected by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the other is that the service provider or seller has an official way to check the authenticity and validity of the insurance policy, instead of just making a promise when buying.After all, isn’t there much of a cross-border industry service midstream crash these days?(End of the text, first send wechat, welcome to follow my wechat public account: Cross-border e-commerce C14)