Chinese medicine professor analysis of the year of the Tiger “White Tiger soup” named origin:

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A view of the campus of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University.Yan Lu takes China New Network Hangzhou February 6 (Xie Panpan) This year is the Year of the Tiger.On February 6, zheng Hong, a professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, said that tigers have deep connotations in traditional culture and are closely related to traditional Chinese medicine.From traditional Chinese medicine, prescription to traditional Chinese medicine allusion all contain rich tiger culture, and the traditional Chinese medicine “white tiger soup” and “black tiger pill” named analysis.It is reported that tigers have a lot of relationship with traditional Chinese medicine in history. Some ancient Chinese books, such as Beilu in the Han Dynasty, The Collection of Materia Medica in the Tang Dynasty, The Yan Yi of Materia Medica in the Song Dynasty, Gangmu in the Ming Dynasty, and Yilin Zuyao in the Qing Dynasty, all record and explain the medicinal effects of tigers.According to Zheng Hong, a professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, the most famous use of tigers in Chinese medicine is tiger bones.The use of tiger bone in ancient Chinese medicine is just to make the best use of things, not to care for animals.On the contrary, the two tiger allusions in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine reflect the harmony between human and animals.Zheng Hong cited two allusions, the first allusion is “tiger guarding apricot forest”.Dong Feng, a famous doctor in the Kingdom of Wu of The Three Kingdoms, had only one special requirement: the recovering patients planted almond trees in front and in front of his house. For years, the trees grew into a forest. One day, Dong Feng saw a tiger lying in the thatch and found a bone stuck in its throat.After the tiger disease, in order to repay the kindness, from now on in the apricot forest when the guardian.Since then, “tiger guarding apricot forest” has become a praise of the noble medical ethics of the doctor.Zheng Hong also mentioned the second story “sitting on a tiger and needle dragon”, which also came from the story of a famous doctor treating a tiger.Sun Simiao, a famous doctor in the Sui and Tang dynasties, said that when he met a tiger in the mountains who was sick, he used the bell used to practice medicine to open the tiger’s mouth to treat it.From then on, the bell got the nickname “Hubang”.It is said that in order to thank Sun Simiao, the tiger became his mount.”Sitting tiger needle Dragon” became the standard image of the folk medicine king.He also believes that another important characteristic of TCM culture is “analogy”, which profoundly reflects the corresponding philosophical thinking of heaven and man.In Zheng Hong’s opinion, this kind of philosophical thinking is vividly reflected in the famous prescriptions of Traditional Chinese medicine.The tiger was one of the four gods in ancient times, with a green dragon on the left and a white tiger on the right.”White tiger living in the west, the main cool, descending gas, corresponding to the lung.”Zheng Hong said that those who have studied TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine will immediately remember the famous recipe “White Tiger Soup” handed down by the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing.Tiger bone and other medicinal materials are not used in this prescription. The reason why it is named “White tiger” is that the gypsum of the prescription is white, and the whole prescription has the effect of clearing qi, separating heat, clearing heat and generating fluid, corresponding to the image of “white tiger”.Therefore, this prescription is widely used in all kinds of lung inflammation, whether it is typhoid school or febrile school, will take it as a classic prescription.The Chinese patent medicine “black tiger pill” named, also reflects the traditional Chinese medicine “analogy” philosophical thinking.Biologically, he explained, the white tiger is a variant of the tiger that can be found in modern zoos.The Black Tiger is a legend that few people have ever seen.Mysterious and fierce, this is “black Tiger Dan” “black tiger pills” and other characteristics of proprietary Chinese medicine.This kind of medicine is composed of different prescriptions, most of which have the characteristics of strong medicine and many medicinal materials. Some are taken internally and some are used externally to treat various stubborn diseases.Ancient thought, a good Chinese medicine, need to have the courage to conquer the dragon.At the same time, Zheng Hong hopes that as long as the Chinese and western medicine cooperate closely and carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, the world will surely face a day of “realizing that the world has been fowed by tigers”.The author’s latest articles before they can believe that the Chinese female ice goalkeeper penalty would win female ice captain said last win Japan don’t know when Bach “appeared” 2022 Beijing news center “cloud happy New Year” to the media press article a small classic prescription, simple 5 herbs, to treat pain, invincible a prescription, can prolong life prolong 5 simple taste traditional Chinese medicine,After tonifying blood and replenishing qi, giving birth to the 6 great power effect of essence of gynost’ pentaphylum to strengthen spleen law adjust good patient function obstacle, he scold me however, you this way, affirmation is no good cold Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine which is better?Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: