Let beauty lose without firing a shot!Russia used a move to retreat, Zakharova said no

2022-07-12 0 By

After the United States hyped Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 16, Russia surprised the United States the day before, turning the “war propaganda” of the United States into a joke, guanchan.com reported.On February 15 local time, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov suddenly announced that “military exercises have been completed” and some troops deployed on the Russia-Ukraine border are returning to their regular stations.Russia’s one-handed “retreat into advance” has inflicted a heavy blow on the United States and its Allies, who have been playing up the atmosphere of war everywhere.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said February 15 would be “the day when war propaganda failed” in the West, and that Russia had not fired “a single shot”.Kerner, except for permanent residence announced some soldiers return “he also stressed that in large-scale military exercises between Russia and Ukraine border will still continue, a series of combat training activities are carried out in accordance with the” plan “, as Russia has been declared, Russia has been in their own land, never “invasion” Ukraine, don’t even believe in Ukraine war to be fired,It is the US that has been jumping on the bandwagon.It is interesting to note that Russia can be hosted behind the meaning of “idea” move, but western beauty is still don’t want to admit that reality, even still in “GongHuo”, in an attempt to create a “aggression” possible situations, the President of the United States Joe biden declared it “unchecked”, also said there are still 150000 Russian soldiers surrounded the Ukraine,He said the Americans should follow his orders to leave Ukraine, though he did not have any exact sources to back up that figure.Many Western media claimed that Russia would invade Ukraine at 3 am on February 16, while The Russian side said, “Anyone who believes in this is welcome to stay up late. They should set the alarm clock and see for themselves what happens.”In addition to the tough talk, some US politicians and western media began to “celebrate”, claiming that Russia “did not invade” because of the “strong sanctions pressure” from the US, and that “the war really started” proved the “prediction” of the US.Asked by a reporter if Russia could invade Ukraine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the United States was prepared for any invasion and that “sanctions have had a deterrent effect.”Clearly, judging by Ms Pelosi’s words, America has an excuse to look “great” anyway.But the West has learned that its propaganda has failed, and that Russia has paid no attention to the “war trap” created by the United States.