Miami’s offer for Wood is Dunlow, but the rockets want to add another first-round pick

2022-07-12 0 By

The SAN Antonio Spurs beat the Houston Rockets 134-104 in an NBA regular-season game that ended Wednesday.The loss left the Houston Rockets with a 14-34 record at the bottom of the western Conference.The titular leader is Green, who is averaging 14.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game.Green, however, has been hitting the rookie wall after 13 straight double-figures, with the no. 2 pick taking about 13 shots in recent games but averaging just two field goals per game.Of course, he’s the future of a team that has the patience to wait for Green to deliver on his talents.And the rockets also said, they are looking for a player like harden, clearly and elbow management is aware of the green, green is at least the next few seasons don’t grow to the cornerstone of players like harden, 19, is still a piece of jade green, not only lies in the management, how to carve more lies in his green.Because green, Garuba, Kevin Porter, Christopher and other people’s development is unsatisfactory, wood, Tate, Matthews potential is limited, so the Houston Rockets in the next few years the goal of the season or rebuild, and to “build a wall, wide food, slow king” for the building team strategy;For the team’s veterans, however, the strategy does not seem friendly.They also don’t want to waste their careers here, and wood, Gordon and others are high trade value, so the rockets are actively listening to offers from all sides.According to the Bleachers’ Jake Fischer, sources say the framework of a Duncan Robinson trade for Wood is circulating around the league, but the Rockets want more, even if the Heat add another first-round pick.Wood has an All-Star level of offensive ability, can pull to the outside shot, can handle the ball to initiate offense, can set up the team’s offense, has some ability to protect the rim;The Miami Heat are hungry for a playoff run, and Wood could be a big part of that.For the Houston Rockets, wood’s potential is now maximized, the ceiling is set, and his contract is up for expiration, so what Rafer should do now is trade wood at the time of maximum value for assets such as draft picks to accelerate the rebuilding of the team.