A female executive with an annual salary of 2 million yuan was suddenly dismissed, and the boss took a tough attitude: Give you a dollar and get out quickly, documentary

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In front of this angry lady, is from Hangzhou Ms Liang.She is a stomach complaint, because he was recently inexplicable to the company to dismiss, and owe her a half month’s salary also did not give, and on this one half month’s salary, fully have 170,000!What is Ms. Liang’s job after all, a month can have more than a hundred thousand wages?And why does the company fire Ms. Liang innocently?Let’s move on.Ms. Liang works in a stretch mark repair organization in Hangzhou. She is the general manager of the company and earns more than 100,000 yuan per month.She had worked hard to stitch her position and her high salary!When she first joined the company, the business was not booming, with only two stores.But Ms. Liang is a strong woman, in her efforts and efforts, the company’s performance is higher and higher, earn more and more money, from two stores gradually developed to more than 20!Ms. Liang also because of their own efforts, each store she will get a commission every month, so they have such a high salary.It is very common to get a high salary by virtue of your own ability. After all, you have paid for the company.But because Ms. Liang’s salary is too high, someone doesn’t like it, and that person is none other than Ms. Liang’s boss!The boss thought that Ms. Liang earned too much. A store manager could earn more than 100,000 yuan a month, so the boss began to suppress her from all aspects, from the beginning of wage deduction, to the final dismissal of Ms. Liang.Then Ms. Liang came to the familiar store, but the boss is not in the store.The manager of the chain store said that he did not know what the situation, the boss fired the manager, and there was no need to explain the reason to her, the small store manager, and then called the boss’s phone.But contact dialed twice no answer, the third time finally through, the store manager alone into the office to answer.I waited in the store for half an hour, but I didn’t see the boss.When everyone left soon after, the reporter received a call that responsible for the dismissal of Ms. Liang’s behavior, the person in charge said that can take legal procedures to solve, but Ms. Liang not only disagreed, but also in the store, even hit.When asked why Ms. Liang was fired, the other party did not give a direct answer, and said that it was impossible to negotiate, only to take legal procedures to solve the problem.According to Ms. Liang, she worked for the company for a year and a half, and although she paid hard for them, she did not sign a labor contract, but paid monthly social security.This has left her worried about whether she will get her unpaid wages back if she takes legal action.Therefore, Ms. Liang consulted a lawyer. The lawyer told Ms. Liang that she could not only recover her unpaid wages through legal procedures, but also ask the company to pay double the salary for a year because she did not sign the labor contract. This made Ms. Liang feel relieved.After communicating with the company again, the other party still refused to negotiate, Ms. Liang said that she would solve the matter through legal channels!Through her own efforts and hard work for the company, Ms. Liang has turned a small company into a big one, with more than 20 stores from two, which can be said to be a great contribution to the company.It is precisely because of Ms. Liang, the company will have such a good development, can only say that the boss is too stingy, can not see his staff earn more, want to unload the donkey!Even if the lawsuit was won and Ms Liang was fired, the company would not be able to grow much longer under a boss like him.