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Tomorrow (February 7), will usher in the first working day after the Spring Festival, Tianjin will continue to suspend the implementation of vehicle license plate limit and out-of-town, regional vehicle license plate peak restrictions, continue to implement convenient parking measures.According to the delay of morning and evening peak hours before the Spring Festival and the situation of traffic gathering in key areas, roads and points, the public security traffic management department will continue to deploy more police to carry out road traffic guidance, pay close attention to road traffic conditions in real time, and dynamically adjust the deployment of police to ensure smooth travel of the masses.// Continue to implement convenience measures After the holiday, the city will continue to suspend the implementation of the last number of motor vehicles and vehicles with out-of-town and regional license plates at peak times, and continue to implement convenience parking measures.It is suggested that the majority of drivers should park their vehicles in a single row without affecting road traffic and safety. They should not park in an oblique line, perpendicular to the roadside or in multiple rows. They should not occupy blind roads, fire lanes, fire hydrants, bus stations or park within the scope of road intersections.Menstruation should pay attention to key construction road section after the first working day, road traffic flow is increased significantly during the festival, especially the anshan west road and red road junction mouth, with small chengdu xikang road jiaokou, liberation south road and other key accounts for road construction road along the road to go slow, easy to happen, please through the drivers obey the traffic police here, the auxiliary police command, not traffic controlling,Orderly passage.At the same time, it can also pay attention to the real-time Internet map, Tianjin Traffic broadcast and “Tianjin Traffic Police” new media platform provided by the road condition information, reasonable choice of travel routes, as far as possible to avoid congestion slow road.Through the highway should be careful driving, according to some projections, after the first working day, our city tianjin coastal highway traffic peak, prompt walking through the highway related drivers drive carefully, lane in accordance with the relevant provisions, effectively controlling, active avoidance does not dispute, at a toll booth more, go slow traffic, and so on and so forth, involuntary and way, queue-jump, avoid cut ceng accident,Affect traffic order.Illegal holidays, driving on the road, the safe driving don’t need to put safety first, don’t drunk driving, speeding, fatigue driving, driving the overcrowding vehicles, in part through less traffic roads, should strictly according to the speed limit driving, not speeding, avoid because of the speed too fast in case of emergency can’t take corresponding measures in time, impact on themselves and others travel safety.The free expressway passage will end at 24:00 on Feb 6, the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday.According to the tianjin Public Security traffic management department, there will be a wave of Spring Festival travel peak on February 12 and 15, please pay close attention to real-time traffic information.Beijing-shanghai, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Tianjin-Tang4 expressways as the main road for vehicles returning to Beijing, the traffic flow will increase significantly;Due to the influence of Beijing Yongle Checkpoint, the beijing-Tianjin expressway at the junction of Tianjin and Beijing is prone to traffic delays.During the Spring Festival, the city’s short-distance high-speed vehicles will grow, especially Jinji, Jingang, Jinning, quiet and other expressways.These points and sections are easy to slow down, according to the public security traffic management department, during the Spring Festival Travel Rush, the following points or sections of expressways are prone to slow down traffic, and vehicles with traffic needs can take alternate peak traffic in advance to avoid traveling during the return peak. Drivers can use electronic map software such as Baidu, Autonavi and Tencent.As well as the large screen along the highway, “Tianjin Traffic Management Service Through Train” wechat mini program “Highway conditions” or “Tianjin Expressway” “Tianjin Traffic Police” official weibo, at any time to understand the highway traffic situation, and according to the situation to choose the following detour routes to avoid traffic jam:Beijing direction K41 to K43 section is easy to slow down, can advance in The Beijing-Tianjin expressway Langfang toll station out of the expressway, detour Beijing-Fuzhou highway into Beijing;Beijing-tianjin expressway: Beijing direction K34 to K36 section easy to slow down, can advance in The Beijing-Tianjin expressway K39 Niuzhen toll station out of the highway, detour Wanghe road into Beijing;Jinji Expressway: bidirectional K35 to K47 sections are easy to slow down, you can detour Jinning Expressway at Tianjin Station extension line of Jinji Expressway, and then go to Jizhou District via Binbao and Tangcheng Expressway.↓ Public security traffic control department tips, vehicles in the case of vehicle failure or traffic accident on the highway, according to the following methods to do “pull over, people evacuated, namely the alarm” :After the accident, if the vehicle can move, the vehicle should be moved to the right emergency lane or the nearest exit. After the vehicle stops in the emergency lane, the “double flash” should be turned on, and a warning sign should be placed 150 meters away from the rear.Step 2 “human evacuation” : regardless of whether the vehicle can move, drivers and passengers do not stay in the car, do not stay on the highway, should quickly move to safety.The third step is “immediate alarm” : after the driver and passenger evacuate to the safe area, immediately dial 110 to report to the police.Source: Tianjin Broadcasting