Investigation according to white Dragon tail Island

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When it comes to Bailongwei Island in the Beibu Gulf of the South China Sea, there is always a lot of confusion in my mind.Let’s start with its history…White Dragon Tail Island.Bailongwei Island is a small island in beibu Bay. Historically, the border residents of Chaozhou, Danzhou and Wenchang in Guangdong province used the island as an abalone production base. Every Year from June to August, hundreds of people would go to the island to produce abalone, catch abalone and process it into dried products to be shipped to the mainland.The history of modern Chinese settlement on the island is more than 100 years.When it was liberated in 1955, there was a temple on the island dedicated to the Goddess of heaven and General Fubo.The Heavenly Concubine is the god for Chinese fishermen to protect safety at sea.General Fu Bo was the ma aid of China’s eastern Han Dynasty’s invasion of Jiaozhi (now north Vietnam).There is an iron bell temple, guangxu three years (1877) cast, the chief people are Hainan Wenchang County, Fu Jianming, Fu Huaiji and so on.At that time, the island was named Fushuizhou Island and was administratively placed under the fushuizhou Office of the People’s Government at Hainan County, Guangdong Province.The name Fushuizhou was also used for banks, supply and marketing cooperatives, primary schools, fishing and farming cooperatives and other garrison units under the PLA Hainan Military Sub-zone Fushuizhou Working Committee under the CPC Fushuizhou Working Committee under the CPC Hainan Prefectural CommitteeThere is no doubt that the island has never been settled by people from any other country except the Chinese.▲ Vietnam War against France.In 1957, the People’s Republic of China lent the island to Vietnam for use as a naval base during the Vietnam War. During the Us-Vietnam War, in order to give coastal defense and Hanoi’s air defense more warning time, the President and the prime minister agreed to put Fau Shui Chau Island into Vietnamese territory and set up radars, air defense positions and communication stations on the island.Just as Chinese troops entered Vietnam disguised as Vietnamese troops, the islands must become Vietnamese territory to avoid direct military confrontation between China and the US.Due to the lack of understanding of China’s maritime power at that time, Vietnam’s greed is also inadequate.At the same time, the demarcation principle of the border was put forward by the chairman.The Great Wall of Ten thousand miles is still in existence, but not the first Emperor of Qin.Later, the two countries signed an agreement under which China temporarily transferred Bai Long Wei Island to Vietnam and relocated the Original Chinese people living on the island. This was completely to help the Vietnamese in their resistance to France and the War against the United States.As everyone knows, in the early 1980s, after the sino-Vietnamese counter-offensive, Vietnam invaded Nansha Qundao wantonly, and at the same time, relying on Bailong Wei Island in the Beibu Gulf, it claimed sovereignty over a large area of sea and continental shelf, detained Chinese fishermen and destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Chinese fishermen.According to this, the headquarters and the navy command, by our army to the White dragon Tail island to carry out a shocking reconnaissance photography, one is to reconnaissance clear island troops and subordinates, the second is to warn Vietnam, if the normal fishing interference to our fishermen, our army will give powerful air strikes!In April 1983, while serving as operations staff officer of the South Sea Fleet Air Force, I and another leader were assigned this top-secret mission.From the preparation of operational plans, to the selection of combat forces, to the selection of landing and landing airports and alternate landing sites, the work was carried out in a top-secret and orderly manner.It was not until one hour before the plane took off that we arrived at the airport where the mission was to be carried out and handed down the operational mission to the personnel concerned.▲ J-Gen-6 reconnaissance aircraft.According to the operational plan, considering the Angle of the sun, weather conditions, the clear degree of the target, security, hidden, and many other factors, I perform the task of four fighters – 6 budgeting the plane in one day at noon twelve 53 points at a airport in hainan as planned, after take-off pretend to flight training, a airspace in beibu gulf on standby, at this point, we decisively command aircraft drop height,Avoid enemy radar range, change course to direct target, and maintain radio silence.Long aircraft is my aviation arm a division of an excellent deputy head of the flight, he led the aircraft formation rapidly approaching the target, after arriving at the white dragon tail island, quickly dropped to the lowest height, and the island target reconnaissance photography, circling two weeks, as planned to rise to return.When we heard the commander’s report at the battle command post, “Complete the mission and return safely”, all the combat personnel smiled triumphantly.When the four planes returned to the airport and landed, I and another leader who was responsible for the implementation of this mission also made a special trip to the airport apron to meet the four victorious reconnaissance warriors.After that, I received a briefing from the mission personnel in my combat command post.According to the pilot report, the plane flew over The White Dragon Tail Island, the enemy did not take any precautions, the enemy is taking a nap, after hearing the air raid alarm, both panic, and timid, all naked to the waist, only wearing a shorts, hurriedly rushed to their respective battle positions.But before their anti-aircraft guns could roll, our planes had scouted out of sight, gained altitude and disappeared, leaving only the occasional rumble of aircraft.Later, after the accurate interpretation of the reconnaissance technology department and the synthesis of aerial photos, I did see the situation of the enemy troops naked and disorderly, in addition, I could clearly see the military uniforms and all the weapons and equipment hanging in the barracks.Looking at the fruits of these victories, my comrades and I were very happy and excited, and quickly reported the results of the investigation to the superior.And all the text and pictures were rushed to Beijing by special plane.Afterwards, the superior leadership gave a high evaluation, saying: no matter the investigation timing, aircraft position, shooting height and clarity are first-class.Correct decision comes from correct judgment, which in turn comes from a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the situation.According to the results of the investigation and photos, The Chinese government immediately issued a stern warning to the Vietnamese side: If the Chinese fishermen are detained again and their normal production and business activities in the Beibu Gulf are disrupted, the Chinese government will severely crack down on them!At this point, the Beibu Gulf sea area to restore the previous quiet, the enemy no longer dare to move rashly.I remember that on the second day after the completion of the mission, we held a victory party in the unit where the mission was carried out. The leader with me presided over the party. He was an old comrade with low education level and was too excited to have just been commended by the superior.To celebrate the successful completion of this reconnaissance mission, we are here today…Now I can’t think of anything to say. After a long pause, I said: here — “Meaning, meaning”.This meaning, everyone can not help laughing!Fortunately, it is a subordinate of the army, the reception began in laughter.In a blink of an eye, this thrilling war has passed nearly 40 years, that feeling, that scene, those comrades in the implementation of the mission solemn expression and the completion of the mission after the expression are as clear as yesterday, engraved in my mind.I can still name the principal men who took part in the reconnaissance missions. Some of them became generals, the backbone of the People’s navy;Some have returned to their hometowns and continue to contribute to the construction of the motherland;Some have retired and enjoy life at home;Others have passed away forever, but they will never be forgotten by the people, and their names will forever be written in the magnificent and immortal annals of our army.Although I had been out of the army for many years, the ownership of White Dragon’s Tail island had always been a matter of great concern and concern to me, because after all, that was the territory for which we had fought.Until June 30, 2004, in the beibu gulf, territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf delimitation agreement comes into effect, just learned, based on the principle of oil and gas exploration of the south China sea is preferred, the white dragon tail island for Vietnam, it makes me a little regret, but later learned that the final result of demarcation negotiations is basically in accordance with the China division,The Vietnamese made a big concession to facilitate our oil and gas exploration, so the confusion was finally resolved.A few years ago, I carefully watched phoenix satellite TV broadcast of the xisha sea – 1974 recovered xisha, I fight against longer odds, navy to victory, to recover the motherland the magnificence of the paracel islands battle scenes, really let me deeply moved again, this is my navy for the first time since the opium war in 1840 naval victories.The solemn and stirring scene, and brought me back to the motherland more than 40 years ago the changes of the south China sea, frequent wars, the coastline of the day and night to defend our motherland, although life difficult at that time, combat readiness tension, a difficult task, but to defend the motherland passion, let us every day is full of pride and sacred, so I want to stay the poem of life.This reminds me that although war has been the highest form of politics since ancient times, war is inseparable from sovereignty and territorial integrity.As Russian President Vladimir Putin put it: Has there ever been a territorial dispute in the world that was not resolved by war?From this point of view, as an old soldier, we certainly hope for peace, but when the territory of the motherland is threatened or invaded, we are not afraid of war!If history can repeat, let me go back to the burning years of passion, I will be for the dignity of the motherland, the happiness of the people and the integrity of every inch of territory and willing to shed blood!My dear motherland, you can understand an old soldier, a willing to die for you that boxing patriotic heart!(Photo from the Internet, thanks to the original author)