King glory canyon festival, spring blood pack all put on new clothes, players: Wolf envy?

2022-07-13 0 By

As we all know, King Valley always wears new clothes for important festivals. Now let’s take a look at some of the new looks that have left an impression on us in the past.The first is the canyon as a whole that has changed the most.In the spring water in the red fireworks, while there are cute little tigers squatting aside, cheering soldiers are also wearing red new clothes, a look to know the New Year.At the same time, the wild area is also decorated with lanterns and firecrackers, full of the atmosphere of the New Year.Previous anniversaries have been the most memorable of all holiday decorations.In the evening of the anniversary of the emergence of the canyon liquid crystal, the sky is also floating a lot of sky lights, spring water and wild area in the waste of all kinds of shining elements, left a deep impression on everyone, many players still like it.Another thing that changes most frequently is the blood pack. Every festival will launch a new effect of the blood pack. This time, the blood pack is a small tiger head.In addition to some of the previous health pack effects have been nine, some players put the Wolf and the blood pack together, and joked “Wolf envy?”Maybe this is taking bamboo shoots.Which festival atmosphere do you remember the most?Welcome message interaction ~