Stories and Legends of Couplets (87)

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Su Dongpo and Huang Tingjian, writers and great poets of the Song Dynasty, were both teachers and friends. One day, they were playing chess together by the river.Playing chess, a burst of river wind, blowing off a few pine nuts dropped, one just fell on the board.Su Dongpo touched the scene and read aloud: Panasonic Go, songzi each with the chess pieces;Huang Tingjian looked up and saw a fisherman by the river hanging under the willow leisurely, randomly out: willow fishing, willow wire often accompanied by fishing line hanging.Huang Tingjian Su Dongpo qiao liao envoy Zong Yuan you years, Su Shi was ordered back to the court, and then the academician.One day, he was ordered to receive an envoy of the Liao State.Liao envoys had heard su Shi’s name and were very happy to see him.At the post house, the envoy said to Su Shi, “Our country has an upper couplets, and no one has been able to make a lower couplets. On this mission to your country, I would like to ask you for advice.”Then he took out the written couplet.Su Shi took open see, see paper to write: three light sun and moon star Su Shi see after the words: “so ah, in fact, the next united we have this long.”The envoy was very surprised and asked the second couplet.Su Shi’s words: the next couplet is four poems elegant song envoy heard, not praise: “elegant” cent “big elegant”, “small elegant”, plus “wind” and “ode”, is the poem of the four body, wonderful zai, really absolute!”Su Shi slowly said, “Not absolutely.Or a link: ‘Henry for four Dollars.'”Hearing this, the envoy stared at Su Shi with his eyes wide open and hesitated to speak.Su Shi said, “Do you think I have forgotten that one word?The book of Changes is about Henry….And the word behind ‘li’ is my temple taboo!”After hearing this, the envoy nodded his head and said yes.He knew song Renzong name zhen, “zhen” and “zhen” homonym, to avoid the emperor’s name taboo is not to speak out.Su Shi’s objection to this, of course, is understandable.For many years, people praised this pair of absolute, to the Ming Dynasty, there was a Zhang Youyu good at belongs to the right, he used “six veins inch ruler” to “three light sun, moon and star”, is really good to.In Traditional Chinese medicine, the veins are divided into three parts: the veins near the palm are called “cun”, and the veins near the elbow are called “chi”. The middle part is located under the prominent “Guan Gu”, so it is called “Guan”.Two hands each three pulse, add up is not “six pulse”?