The “Queen of Sweet Songs” took home the prize at 59.How many boys have had a crush on her? I’m one of them

2022-07-13 0 By

At the 2021 Global Chinese Music Awards, 59-year-old “Sweet song Queen” Li Lingyu received the award for “Lifetime Influence Singer” at the global Chinese Music Awards.Jade fans rushed to tell each other and clapped their hands.The Lifetime Impact Singer Award, the world’s most prestigious award for Chinese music, is not something to be won lightly.Sister Jade received the clear conscience, which marks her sweet song will be sung from generation to generation.Jade sister from the 80’s began to be red, red through the kind of red.When she was younger, Sister Yu sang a more beautiful beauty, and was the sister-type dream lover of the young men of that era.In those days, there was an entertainment paper media to do a survey, found 100 young lang, there are 6 infatuated with jade elder sister.Ah, that number is very convincing.In fact, I have been deeply infatuated with jade sister.80 time listens to music basically is to pass recorder, when value teenager I ceng mountain digs medicinal material to sell buy back a recorder, and the first piece of music tape that buys back at the same time is jade elder sister’s album.That night, all the boys gathered in my room to listen to sister Yu’s singing.Friends dispersed, I alone while appreciating jade sister singing, while looking up at the window of the moonlight, stars, a hazy feelings attack on the heart.At that time I thought, if I could see jade sister, how good it would be.”Looking back on the past 30 years, I thank you for your perseverance and my own efforts. In the next decade, I will continue to forge ahead,” Jade said.So, Jade sister, I will continue to accompany you through the next decade, and the next decade.(Photo by Li Lingyu toutiao)