“Warm wind” from “hard study” to “music learning,” hoeryong mountain symphony playing

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As the bell of the Year of the Tiger is about to ring, the symphony orchestra from Huizhi Middle School of Huining county presents the New Year’s blessings to everyone

No resplendent and magnificent hall on the loess plateau mountainous majestic symphony of sound into smaller counties in northwest of the city this symphony orchestra has been established for ten years in August 2011, located in huining, gansu province has set up a class to join forces with middle school symphony orchestra, the organizational system of the 57 could score of rural children never to touch a musical instrument,It was named “Einstein class”.At that time, no one would have thought that this barren and isolated land would play a gorgeous symphony, let alone that these children would create one amazing miracle after another in the future…At the beginning of the orchestra, most of these students knew nothing about music theory, and had never seen classical instruments such as saxons and trumpets. However, with their enthusiasm for music, they spent all their rest days in the orchestra rehearsal.On New Year’s Day, 2012, the five-month-old band held its first concert at the Huining County Auditorium.Then on August 23, 2012, they won the first prize in the National Middle School Band Competition.This award greatly encouraged the confidence of the teachers and students, and also made the orchestra famous. The school invited hai Qianwen, the head of the Jinfan Art Troupe from Beijing, to give the students more professional guidance.Hai qianwen lamented that such a poorly equipped band could play such difficult pieces as “Trumpeter’s Festival” and “Good News from Beijing to The Border Village”.After returning home, she made a special trip to Shanghai to visit Mr. Werth, the artistic director of the Children’s Choir in Vienna’s Golden Hall, and told the story of the mountain symphony orchestra.In November 2012, Mr. Werth wrote a handwritten invitation for the Orchestra to perform in the Austrian Golden Hall, and the legendary music hall opened up to them like a dream.Austria local time on February 3, 2013 night, Vienna golden hall of bright lights and guests, “symphony of the night of Vienna, Austria China art festival” in special festival concert officially kicked off, 67 students meet high school orchestra played the bugler festival “African symphony” the red plum blossom “red flag” four songs,The performance lasted 27 minutes, making it the only orchestra to play four pieces that night.It was the first time for the orchestra to go abroad. Even though the price of the whole orchestra was less than the price of a top violin, their performance deeply shocked everyone present that night. After the performance, prolonged applause resounded in the golden hall.The exploration of education from Zhuangyuan County to Symphony Orchestra is an eternal theme rooted in this soil. According to the old principal Wu Taixiang, the original intention of establishing this orchestra is his practical attempt to combine art education with science education.In order to avoid getting bogged down in exam-oriented education, which hindrates students from developing their creativity and interests, he was inspired to create this unique experimental class by Harvard University’s Arts Education Project zero.Photo collage: Above, students run for exercise in Huining No. 2 Middle School in 2001 (Xinhua/Wu Bin).The following picture shows students of the Symphony Orchestra of Huishi Middle School in Huining County performing their symphony outdoors on Jan 19, 2022. (Xinhua/Ma Xiping)But at the beginning, Wu taixiang’s forward-thinking was not recognized by most people. Only a few people signed up for the orchestra class, and the teachers were not optimistic about it.Facing the huge pressure of the school entrance rate and the huge amount of money needed to purchase Musical Instruments, Wu Taixiang did not give up. Instead, he sold his house to raise money and changed the bicycle shed into a rehearsal hall. Du Zhengquan, the only teacher in the school who had learned basic music theory knowledge, was appointed as the head teacher and leader.To the surprise of wu Taixiang, the old principal, the performance of the children in the orchestra rose instead of falling. These students, who had a weak foundation in learning music before, burst into learning potential instead.With the development of the orchestra from the county to the international community, these children have gained a lot of things that cannot be learned from books. After seeing the wider world outside, the children have greater aspirations and stronger willpower.They are also more confident, more united, and more enthusiastic and interested in study and life.Interest is the best teacher education is teaching is educating people “Return the classroom to students” “Make education happy”

Over the past ten years “ShuangJian” line meet in the middle school issued the students ten “school symphony orchestra do more prosperous band 1 to 10 both in academic and professional highlight the latest 11 adult division currently has more than 120 students to sign up the concept of education and parents give parents the shift makes the orchestra during the make students relaxed place students use winter vacation time rehearsing,Ode to the Red Flag and Suite of Songs of the Long March have become the repertoire of the orchestra, and there are many other clubs with features such as chess, dancing and painting.According to Yang Zehua, the current principal, the hui Shi Middle School has reached a consensus with parents, teachers and students that happiness is the source of interest.These children who love music will have a broader world and a brighter future.(Source: Xinhuanet, Gansu Daily, “Little Performers”) Moral education, art to enlighten wisdom.Music opens children’s eyes and seeds golden dreams in their hearts.Enthusiasm and persistence, sweat and smile, write a growing note together.Huining County from the past students “hard learning”, teachers “hard teaching”, change to the present “happy learning” and “clever learning”, with art to promote innovation education, pay attention to intelligence learning and pay attention to personality training.Teachers’ persistent exploration of education picks the talent and potential of every child and helps them to reap more fruits of life.This symphony from the Loess Plateau, played the surging in every child’s heart, but also played the education reform, strong country, my beautiful movement!Copywriter: Yang Li