Winter Olympics opening ceremony “burning” on the field of N space power

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a feast for the eyes.In order to achieve the goal of “simple, safe and wonderful”, hundreds of days and nights, the rocket Institute winter Olympics special engineering team carefully designed, strict quality control, through wisdom and hands, will be one creative, one sheet of graphic drawings, one cutting-edge technology into the stage.Let’s take a look at what links show the strength of the rocket academy.Look at the stage The beauty of fantasy ethereal space simulation technology Let stage performance completely foolproof stage engineering system device into a calm “ice”, dozens of sets of motor and the rigidity of chain, wire rope and pulley block to cooperate with each other, driving large lifting table, car frame, tilting table activities such as equipment, to complete all kinds of movements, such as translation, turn over movement.Joined the space stage mechanical control system design, system product research and development of the digital simulation software and hardware equipment, the optimization design of control algorithm, and the hardware-in-the-loop simulation test experiment was carried out in the round, with its creative space people familiar with the quality of the management system of the combination, in the design phase) to recognize and avoid serious risks,Improve the reliability and security of the whole system.The total weight of the ice Cube is about 400 tons, and the lifting weight is 180 tons. The lifting load is 8 times more than the large lifting platform of the general theater, and it is the most powerful driving equipment for the whole opening and closing ceremonies.Under the condition of limited space, the development team controlled icecube’s lifting and positioning accuracy within ±1 mm by precisely controlling the motor to drive the 4 sets of synchronous transmission units consisting of 16 chains and 16 wire ropes.Through a variety of subsystems and comprehensive tests, eliminate all unreliable factors, to achieve live performance “zero error”.To build the world’s most domestic super 8 k experience main stage mesa is full of LED screen, big screen area of 10552 square meters, is now built the world’s largest LED display, contains more than 40000 pieces of LED modules, can not only perfectly presented a variety of special effects, can also be combined with virtual reality technology to use, completely subvert the traditional performance stage space structure.The table can also be changed into a multi-faceted convex screen, extending the picture, adding a sense of space, presenting a digital high-end performance visual effect.Orderly command communication command communication opening ceremony Let process in an orderly way Olympics opening ceremony performance involving tens of thousands of workers with performances, thousands of jobs in collaboration, as the “wisdom” to the opening ceremony of the central command communication system, realized the process scheduling command and connectivity information service, and to ensure the bird’s nest, zhangjiakou, yanqing, key equipment of video surveillance,Make on-site accusation more efficient, convenient, accurate and intelligent.In the large-scale performance, the intercom communication environment without impurities and interference is the first requirement to ensure the success of the performance.The rocket Institute made comprehensive use of modern communication technology, network technology and power guarantee technology to build a safe, stable, efficient and reliable contact information “bridge” for the communication of all posts at the opening ceremony.Good performance and ceremony of space integration can not be separated from a command center that allows the overall command to make decisions in a “chess game”.Rocket Institute for the Winter Olympics operation command department, integrated to build a centralized information, coordination, reporting and decision-making center, to undertake the ceremony during the command, control and coordination tasks, the center can “perceive” the dynamic situation of each post, with the command and communication system, to give instructions.In addition, the ice waterfall standing high on the side of the stage and the Wiya system shuttling over the stage were perfect and reliable to display the performance effect of the opening ceremony.A series of engineering projects, such as the torch lighting up all the audience, CCTV wonderful pictures and VR, video rendering room, are the embodiment of aerospace quality control technology and aerospace system engineering management methods.With the Olympic flame burning and the opening ceremony ending successfully, the winter Olympics special engineering team of the Rocket Institute is careful and meticulous, overcoming difficulties, winning through unity, science, planning and fineness, successfully completing the great trust of the Party and the people with the space standards and spirit, and letting the world see China’s wonderful space service.The perfect opening ceremony heralds a good beginning, and I wish the Chinese athletes fruitful results in the following competitions.Poster production: Feng Mioran Manuscript: Wang Hailu Gao Shiqi Picture: The college winter Olympics special engineering team part from the network editor: Wang Hailu supervisor: Wang Su