Argument: Why did Biden say that war broke out between Ukraine and Russia on The 16th?There are layers beneath the iceberg

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This article is published by my comrast-in-arms, the author “Starry Sky and Thinking”, and I authorize the qin ‘an Strategic headlines platform to publish exclusively and originally. It is reprinted from the public account “Ce Debate”. There are many wonderful contents, welcome your attention.After Biden shouted on February 10 that “The Americans should withdraw from Ukraine as soon as possible, and the exchange of fire between the US and Russia will be a world war”, on February 11 and February 12, the MULTI-department coordination of the US raised the tone of the War in Ukraine and Kiran: evacuation and surge of troops.Biden even gave the exact date of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine: February 16!Warnings have been issued in many countries urging citizens to leave.On February 13, America and Britain again stoked expectations of war: the US embassy in Ukraine was evacuated and the British embassy took down its flag.For a while, the smell of war over Ukraine, dark cloud pressure city to destroy, mountain two to wind full building.Meanwhile, one of the parties directly involved, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Russia invaded Ukraine on February 16th.Eu diplomatic missions in Ukraine have not been closed, eu foreign ministers said.So why did Biden say that war with Russia broke out on February 16?In fact, the Russian “Ukraine” crisis in the world’s heart of the iceberg, there are four layers.The first layer is what most observers or partners will see: the mouth cannon “invasion”!More arms from the West, especially America, are being sent to Ukraine, more NATO troops are being rushed to eastern Europe, and American, French and Italian aircraft carriers are manoeuvred in the Mediterranean.In contrast, Russia’s southern military region said in a recent press statement, “The Southern military Region will conduct more than 30 company-level confrontational tactical exercises in the next three weeks, in addition to the joint exercise with Belarus code-named” Alliance Resolution-2022 “.The drill will be conducted by the combined battalion-level tactical formation of various arms in the region, the Caspian Sea fleet and the enhanced company of the Army.War is on the verge. Look at the dates.But in fact, with the current deployment of forces in Europe, the United States is unable to fight against Russia, and the cannon fodder Ukraine and the European Union, the main pawn, gradually see through the United States to disrupt The Plot of Europe, do not want a real war.Did you not see That Ulffard had his own meeting without the Americans?In addition, the United States is extremely worried about the direction of the main force in East Asia. If there is a war in Ukraine and China and Russia cooperate strategically and take the opportunity to push forward the reunification process, then the Eurasian continent may really be free of Anglo gangsters.Therefore, the Situation in Ukraine and Russia is just a “verbal invasion and counter-invasion” between the United States and Russia.On February 11, the Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan, like other countries, issued a notice reminding Chinese citizens in Uzbekistan to strengthen COVID-19 protection and pay close attention to the local situation.Epidemic prevention comes first!The second floor of the Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan is a small part of the information combined to see the interpretation of experts: interest rate war!Look at the timing of the Biden administration’s ratcheting up — February 10.This is the day that the CPl was released, and then beat a bunch of economists’ expectations by a record pattern (expected 7.3%, actual 7.5%). As a result, a lot of financial experts expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by almost 100% in March.It is well known that, following the pattern of the United States in the past, the Fed has raised interest rates and reduced its balance sheet to plunder the world, requiring hot war and financial plunder.Behind the sharp rise in interest rate expectations is the enormous pressure from the behind-the-scenes plutocrats of the United States on the Biden administration.Russia does not want to fight, Ukraine does not want to fight, Europe does not want to fight only thousands of miles away on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve is on fire, hope Biden to give more strength, let Russia and Ukraine fight quickly.Note the coincidence that Biden stepped up his rhetoric immediately after CPl exceeded expectations on Feb. 10.In fact, Biden’s statement that “Russia invaded” Ukraine on February 16th was not intelligence at all, but rather February 11th, when the Fed was forced by higher-than-expected inflation to hold an unscheduled meeting on Monday (Valentine’s Day) to discuss the Federal Reserve’s advance and discount rates.CP1 release date coincides with “Threat of Russian-american World War”;Quasi – rate meeting after coincidence.Does the timing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine make logical sense?On February 14, the Federal Reserve rate, after the release of the process on February 16 announced the “Russian invasion”.Note that Bloomberg already did this on February 4, the day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.But underneath these two layers, there are actually two more layers.When Joe Biden threatened the world with “world war” on February 10th, he actually said something philosophical: we are living in a different world than we have ever seen before.With the rapid development and large-scale application of information and digital technology, the world has been in a state of rapid change.So biden’s “very different world” is far bigger than “World War” in terms of spreading social values, but “Russian-american World War” is far more powerful than philosophical rhetoric in terms of attracting eyeballs.Therefore, if we simply observe and think about the world with past experience, it is often difficult to discover the real landscape beneath the iceberg.This requires us to have the original thinking, to the problem and phenomenon of the original intention to trace back to the source.The world is entering the eighth cycle.2022 or great Changes!”, has clearly pointed out that, in the final analysis, the world’s major political and geopolitical war, can not escape a “benefit” word.The military serves politics, and politics is determined by the economic foundation, while finance is the lifeblood of the economy. Therefore, the Successive rate increases by the Federal Reserve are indeed the source of much chaos in the world today.However, the vast majority of people are easy to ignore that the economic basis of the decision of the building is two: political superstructure and ideological superstructure.If the military serves politics and powerfully shapes the political superstructure, then public opinion serves ideology and powerfully shapes the ideological superstructure.This is also the underlying logic of the teacher’s repeated emphasis on “two poles” – gun and pen.Note: there is a fourth layer in the follow-up part, welcome to “Ce debate” public account, docking read all the content!