Are you aware of the side effects of the needle?It’s not just a shot

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Wrinkle removal needle, I believe that everyone is very familiar with, to the forehead grain, eyebrow grain, crow’s feet and so on this kind of dynamic grain, it is simply the existence of “Nemesis”.But some beauty seekers may experience some side effects after receiving the needle.Let’s find out today.1. After finishing the wrinkling needle, there may be bruising some beauty seekers may have bruising after finishing the wrinkling needle, beauty seekers do not have to worry too much.This will disappear over time.Relief can also be achieved by applying hot and cold compresses.First, ice can be applied to reduce edema.Next, when the swelling is almost gone, you can change to hot compress. Hot compress is to better promote absorption. If the surrounding color starts to turn yellow after 3-4 days, it indicates that absorption is beginning.2. After the wrinkle removal needle, the eyes can not open many people said that after the wrinkle removal needle, the eyes can not open, weak or difficult to open the eyes.Under normal circumstances, when you get a needle, you can’t open your eyes and it usually goes back to normal in about four hours.If the eyes are closed for a long time, they may be too close to the orbital septum.Because the needle is close to the orbital septum, the levator muscle of the upper eyelid will be inhibited, leading to the eyes can not be opened.Or because the wrinkle needle to suppress all the frontal muscle, the strength of the frontal muscle is not enough.If you don’t have enough of either, you can’t keep your eyes open.It can be alleviated by speeding up metabolism.In addition, if improper postoperative care leads to spread beyond the designated site, such as affecting the levator muscles of the upper face, it can also lead to the inability to open the eyes.So postoperative do not press, rub, can not drink or eat spicy food.In short, wrinkle removal needle is not so simple on the surface, the technical requirements for the doctor is very high.In the wrinkle removal needle, we should pay special attention to the amount of muscle, phase and so on.Generally speaking, as long as the use of regular products and regular operation, wrinkle removal needle is relatively safe.# Wrinkling needle #