Gusu ex-servicemen fight the epidemic at the front line to show the true colors of soldiers

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In accordance with the unified deployment, the District Veterans Affairs Bureau office worked overtime to coordinate the work and organize all party members’ volunteers to support nucleic acid testing as soon as possible.From receiving the notice, to all volunteers to post, only one hour, the district veterans affairs Bureau with action to interpret the “soldier speed”.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning of February 14, the office of the bureau received the volunteer service of protective materials.At 5 a.m., two non-commissioned officers from the organization bureau arrived at the supporting community and rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention, reminding residents to wear masks, taking their temperatures and checking “double codes” to maintain order on the scene.At the same time, two former military cadres from the district Veterans Affairs Bureau volunteered to arrive at the site of the controlled community in the first time to participate in the supply of materials and the distribution of meals.Zhou Heng, 56, a second-level researcher at the CPC Bureau who has been in the military for 28 years, volunteered to be a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control after receiving the notification.There are many former soldiers like them fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Gusu District. They were once brave and fearless soldiers of the people. Now, they are still in the forefront of fighting against the epidemic.On the afternoon of February 16, all the staff of the District Veterans Affairs Bureau participated in the volunteer service of nucleic acid testing in the whole district. They are information registrars, order maintenance staff, material transport staff, garbage disposal staff, but they are the steel soldiers in the front line.Under the night, many staff goggles and masks floating water vapor, blurred the face, but let the seriousness more clearly;Low temperature, clothing slightly thin they do not fear the cold run before running after, busy too late to drink a hot water;In the crowd, they only have a firm figure in the orderly team, “the vanguard gather force, the frontline attack” words are gradually eye-catching.This is the “twelve hour” of gusu District Bureau of Veterans Affairs.The Gusu District Ex-servicemen’s Affairs Bureau issued a call to the ex-servicemen in the area to join the volunteer service for epidemic prevention and control, which was positively responded by the ex-servicemen’s enterprises in the area.The veterans of Jiangsu Yingcai Security Co., Ltd. cleaned up the water overnight, moved desks and chairs, placed isolation belts, prepared nucleic acid testing sites, gave up their personal rest time, and spontaneously joined the volunteer team to help maintain order at the site.Provincial excellent “Rongyao Home” Cheetah Special Health Party branch and retired military members contacted the community at the first time, sent 50 hot food and milk products to the community, helped medical staff successfully complete the nucleic acid testing work of more than 1000 people, and interpreted the responsibility and responsibility of retired military personnel with practical actions.Stand up and take responsibility., in the severe test of the disaster, this group of people beginner heart such as rock, little glimmer will be gathered into hope, a group of people a heart a thing together to win!