Presale price up to 600,000, LAN Map dreamers sold to whom

2022-07-15 0 By

Yesterday Dongfeng LAN Map second model LAN Map dreamers officially opened presale, should have been listed, later because of some reasons to presale, LAN Map dreamers positioning as luxury large MPV, look at this positioning should know that the price is not too low, but perhaps no one thought it would be expensive to this extent.LAN Map dreamers provide seven-seat version and four-seat customized version, the seven-seat version of the pre-sale price of 380,000 to 480,000, and the four-seat customized version is up to 600,000, car stores do not understand LAN map dreamers pricing from where.In fact, the current FREE sales of Dongfeng LAN map is not too ideal, even if the price is much lower than the ideal ONE, the sales volume is much worse than the ideal ONE, so LAN map dreamers with what to sell this high price?Can you get that price with the big body?Or with 1.5T extended range version or pure electric version can sell such a high price, or simply by stacking configuration even luxurious?With a Toyota Sena there for home use and a Buick GL8 there for commercial use, who would pay nearly $400,000 for a Landto Dreamer?It’s good to have a dream, but don’t dream!