This life has you: Nie Dongyuan outweighs himself, insinuates that Tan Jing has no academic degree, but suffers tan Jing to hit face unexpectedly

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NieDong long after know plain identity, will to plan how to take custody, just plain is prominent, at any time the possibility of sudden accident, if not surgery as soon as possible, probably even cook however, ten years old so NieDongYuan didn’t action, prepare some is given priority to with flat body, wait until after successful surgery to make peace with his back to nie.Tan Jing knew about nie’s idea from the very beginning, which is why tan Jing took the initiative to warn Nie to stay away from her.At the beginning nie Yusheng in order to be with Tan Jing, not only give up business to become a doctor, and even nie Dongyuan for several years, so Nie Dongyuan always feel tan Jing this woman is not simple.Even after seven years of time, Nie Dongyuan did not change such an idea, he will not let pingping to talk jing this mother.After the successful operation in flat, talk jing did not stay in the hospital for long, secretly left with flat, talk jing is really worried about Nie Dongyuan will flatly away from her, nie Yusheng still found talk jing, and said he would not fight for custody.Even hope to talk static to give him a chance, let flatly have a complete home.Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng have never forgotten each other over the years.Can talk about static father in those days an accident, let talk about static can only choose to break up with Nie Yusheng, as long as there is the enemy of the father killed between two people, so they are doomed to care about the possibility.In order to find out what happened in those days, Nie Yusheng found someone to re-investigate, to make clear that all this is a misunderstanding, and Nie Dongyuan is also being used.After all the truth comes to light, Tan Jing decides to follow her heart and be with Nie Yusheng again.But Nie Dongyuan side is a difficult problem, that Nie Yusheng does not fight for custody not only, but also ready to talk about static compound, Nie Dongyuan was directly in a coma.The news that Nie Dongyuan was seriously ill just came out, the company began to turmoil.At this time Nie Yusheng can only take over his father, to deal with the company’s affairs well.Tan Jing, of course, did not go to college, but she is a good student with excellent academic records. She has accumulated a lot of experience by changing jobs over the years. Compared with Nie, Tan Jing is more suitable for business.With the help of Tan Jing, Nie Yusheng helped the company tide over difficulties smoothly.Nie Dongyuan also wake up at this time, also want to laugh at the static no education, not worthy of nie Yusheng such an excellent person, can know is to talk about the static office after the company through the difficulties, instantly was slapped in the face, and even decided not to interfere in two things.