Attention!These scenic spots have new regulations because of the epidemic

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On March 14, the official wechat account of Taishan Scenic Spot issued a warm reminder about the suspension of the opening of some areas.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, scenic spots such as Yuquan Temple, Martyr’s Hall, Feng Yuxiang Memorial Hall, Five Sages Temple and Sanyang Temple have been suspended since March 15. (Since March 13, religious sites such as Bixia Temple, Queen Mother Pool and Puzhao Temple have been suspended from opening to the public and all gathering activities have been suspended.)Remote and kiosks, dai temple, the old king hall, the infinite temple, beginning, guandi temple, Buddha temple, the red gate palace, Wan Xianlou, mother fights palace, three officer temple, brigitte XiaLing should palace, pot days pavilion, the three temple, temple, who, two tigers temple, the temple, five pine pavilion, chaoyang hole, outstanding hin, Confucius temple, the qing emperor palace, jade emperor pagoda, after the stone dock, peach blossom valley yuan jun yuan jun temple temple scenic spots such as interior space is closed (in the open airThe area will be open until further notice.Tourists are requested to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, such as limited booking and peak error, presenting nucleic acid test reports, checking health codes (travel cards), reporting their trips, taking their temperatures, wearing masks, and one-meter noodles, etc., and make reasonable arrangements for tour schedules to ensure travel safety and personal safety.24-hour information :0538-96008888.Office of The Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation under the CPC Working Committee of Mount Tai Scenic SpotToday, Laoshan Scenic Area issued the Notice on Further Strengthening inspection of Tourists entering Laoshan Scenic Area to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control management in the scenic area.According to relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, from now on, visitors to Laoshan Scenic and historical interest area must present negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours (paper or electronic), and continue to follow the regulations of epidemic prevention and control, such as real-name reservation, temperature measurement, “two-yard joint inspection” and “one-meter line inspection”, and standard wearing of masks.Penglai pavilion scenic area suspended open to the public announcement of tourists friends: in order to ensure the life safety and health of citizens and tourists, best COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, penglai pavilion scenic area immediately suspend its opening to the outside world, restore the open time prior notice, please feel free to focus on “penglai pavilion scenic area” WeChat public).Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!For more information, call 0535-5643012 or 5621111.Hereby inform!Penglai Pavilion Scenic Spot Management And Service Center On March 13, 2022 Changdao Tourist scenic spot suspension announcement to the publicIn order to protect the health and safety of citizens and tourists, and make all-out efforts to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, changdao Scenic Spot will immediately suspend its opening to the public, until further notice (please follow the wechat official account of “Concern Changdao Tourism” at any time).Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!For more information, call 0535-3215406.Hereby inform!In order to implement the needs of prevention and control of novel Coronavirus infection by superior authorities and avoid cross-infection caused by the gathering of people, the temporary closure of binzhou Shili Lotus Pond Scenic Spot was announced on March 14, 2022.This is to announce that shili Lotus Pond Scenic Area, Shili Lotus Pond Development Training Camp and Yellow River Xiaojiewan will be temporarily closed to the public from today (March 13, 2022) until further notice.The situation is serious. Please wear masks properly, avoid going to high-risk areas, and take the initiative to reduce unnecessary gatherings and contact with people.Sorry for any inconvenience caused!Scenic area consultation telephone: 15376255788 Binzhou Eastern Yellow River Tourism Development Co., LTD. March 13, 2022 source: Taishan Scenic Area, Qingdao Daily, Yantai Culture Travel, Binzhou Culture Travel editor: Song Fang Editorial Board: Zhao Guowei supervisor: Li Xiangang