Embiid 42+14+5 not player of the day?Because he met Doncic

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On February 18 (Beijing time), the NBA had a number of spectacular games as usual, with teams trying to win in order to secure a playoff spot.A game is won or lost in most cases depends on whether the team’s star can play well or not, after a long struggle, today there are a lot of stars played excellent performance, lowry, Ball, McCollum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Embiid, Doncic and other stars all put up outstanding numbers.Let’s take a look at what the stars put up today!Finger your player of the day in the comments section!Lowry has left the Raptors for the Miami Heat this season and is no longer needed as an offensive force, transforming into a mentor to his teammates and a mentor to young players.Yet lowry still has plenty of ammunition when the team needs him to fire.Lowry scored 12 points in the heat’s victory over the New Orleans Hornets in overtime after trailing by double digits.Lowry shot 9-of-16 from the field in 46 minutes, including 6-of-11 from 3-point range and 1-of-2 from the free throw line, finishing with 25 points, nine rebounds, five assists and two steals for a plus-10 total.14+10+14, three shots off the air triple-double have to say, the Hornets really don’t play overtime.Miami lost in double overtime today and is 0-6 in six overtime games this season, the most by any team in overtime this season.This service hornets back court commander three ball Ball without scope, often outside shooting but frequently hit iron, fortunately he in the organization end of the extremely creative pass to revive the team, once let the team see the hope of winning, but at the last moment of the team offensive fire, unfortunately lost the game.He shot 5 of 15, 1 of 9 from 3-point range and 3 of 4 from the free throw line in 39 minutes. He had a triple-double with 14 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists, the only member of the starting five with a plus/minus.It is worth mentioning that this game is the fifth triple-double of the season (career sixth), set a team single-season triple-double record.With six career triple-doubles, Lebron has passed Lebron James (5) and Magic Johnson (7) for third place in NBA history among players under the age of 21.In addition, Three goals (20 years, 179 days) became the second-youngest player ever to reach 700 career assists, behind lebron James (20 years, 12 days).The Trail Blazers won four games since McCollum left Portland, but just one in five since he joined New Orleans. What does that say?I don’t know!The Pelicans lost again today, but McCollum shouldn’t be the one to take the blame, as his offensive output has been pushed into maximum gear.He scored 18 points on 6-of-9 shooting in the fourth quarter, cutting Doncic for a layup and cutting the lead to four.McCollum finished with 38 points, two rebounds, five assists and two steals in 39 minutes, making 14 of 26 field goals (7 of 10 from 3-point range, 3 of 5 from free throw range).CJ scored a season-high 38 points and has averaged more than 28 points in his last five games. He was supposed to be helping Ingram, but instead he’s the boss.The Bucks host the 76ers today, two potential playoff rivals looking for a psychological advantage over each other in the playoffs.Bryant was on fire in his last game, scoring 50 points on over 80 percent shooting.In the first three quarters of the game, he scored 16 points on 7-for-16 shooting.Giannis antetokounmpo finally went on a run in the final quarter, scoring 16 points on 6 of 7 shots, but his team had a series of turnovers and consecutive 3-pointers in the final minutes of the game, which led to the home defeat.Giannis antetokounmpo finished with 32 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 1 block in 39 minutes, making 13 of 23 field goals, 2 of 4 3-pointers and 4 of 5 free throws.Embiid scored 42 points, 14 rebounds and five assists in a 123-120 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, adding a few more points to his MVP bid.Barkley put Embiid first, demar derozan second, and Giannis antetokounmpo a close second in MVP rankings.By halftime, Embi had 22 points, eight rebounds and two assists.18 games of the season with 20+ points in the first half, leading the league.Behind him: Tatum (17), Antetokounmpo (16), Morante (16), Booker (15), demar derozan (15), and Trey Young (15).Embiid shot 14-of-21 from the field, 3-of-4 from 3-point range and 11-of-14 from the free throw line for a plus-13 double-double with 42 points, 14 rebounds and five assists in 37 minutes.Embiid became only the second player in franchise history to hit 40+10+5 twice in his last three games, the first being Wilt Chamberlain.Embiid has 1,000 assists in his career.Embiid is also the 10th frontcourt player in NBA history to reach 1,000 assists in the first 310 games of his career.The lakers made three 3-pointers to reach 358 in their career, passing Hollis Thompson (357) for ninth place on the franchise’s all-time list.It’s worth noting that Embiid is the only center to rank among the top 10 three-point scorers in franchise history, led by Allen Iverson (885).Embiid had at least 40 points and 10 rebounds for the ninth time this season, ranking second in 76ers history behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 18 such games in 1965-66.In the past 30 years, only Westbrook (16-17, 12 times) and Harden (18-19, 10 times) have scored at least nine 40-10 games in a single season.Even though I blew out Giannis antetokounmpo in the scoring title and MVP races, I still won’t be player of the Day because he met this guy!Doncic 49+15+8 was voted the best player of the day to beat the emperor to be the best player of the day, you can imagine how the player had to play against the sky, and this person is the Mavericks doncic!Doncic had another big blowout as the Mavericks beat the Pelicans, scoring 45+ points in three of his last four games, and was named western Conference player of the week last week.Doncic finished with 25 points, seven rebounds, five assists and one block in 17 minutes in the first half, shooting 7-of-15, 5-of-9 from 3-point range and 6-of-7 from the free throw line.It was the third time in four games doncic scored at least 25 points in a halftime game, the other two being: Feb. 10 vs. Clippers: 32 in the first half Feb. 12 vs. Clippers:Doncic scored 49 points, 15 rebounds, 8 assists and 1 block in 38 minutes, making 17 of 35 shots (7 of 14 from 3-point range and 8 of 12 from free throw range).Doncic has hit 45+ points three times in his last four games. He and Curry are the only two players to hit 45+ points three times this season.It was doncic’s second time this month with at least 45 points, 15 rebounds and five assists in a game, making him just the fourth player in NBA history to record at least two 45 points, 15 rebounds and five assists in a single month, joining Wilt Chamberlain, Baylor and Bellamy.In addition, doncic scored 45+ points for the fourth time in his regular season career, passing Nowitzki and tying Aguirre for first in team history.Doncic is averaging 35.4 points, 10.3 rebounds and 9.8 assists over the past 10 games, becoming the fourth player in NBA history to have at least 350 points, 100 rebounds and 75 assists in 10 consecutive games, joining Oscar Robertson, Jordan and Westbrook.Doncic was voted man of the day for such a spectacular performance.If you have other options, you are welcome to discuss them in the comments section.