In 2021, more than 890 projects of mixed-use reform were carried out by central soes, attracting more than 380 billion yuan of investment.

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China Times ( Reporter Zhang Qi Xu Yunqian Beijing recently, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said that in 2022, it will fully complete the three-year action task of soE reform, issue a catalogue of guidelines for optimizing the distribution and restructuring of the soE economy, and further promote the mixed ownership reform of SOE.We will carry out incremental mixed-use reform in new industries and new forms of business.The National Development and Reform Commission, said in 2022 will further the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision deployment, adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, activate market main body, enhance the economic development motive force, continue to deepen economic system reform, quick come, many reform measures conducive to economic stability, slow slow shrinkage effect of reform measures may be produced,Grasp the timing and efficiency of the reform, to ensure the stability of the macroeconomic market, to ensure the overall stability of the economy and society.Wu Gangliang, a member of the China Enterprise Reform and Development Institute, told The China Times: “Mixed capital reform means’ mixed capital ‘, ‘reform’ mechanism, obviously the purpose of seeking listing is mixed capital.At present, the pain point of mixed-use reform is that it does not change, so we must stick to both ‘mixed-use’ and ‘reform’.”Some companies are merged in form, but they are still two separate bodies without deep integration in management. They are too obsessed with ‘who eats who’ and how to arrange positions. As a result, they are not only failing to form healthy cooperation, but also aggravating internal friction.”At present, 70 percent of the reform of state-owned enterprises has been completed. A series of major strategic restructuring and specialized projects, such as China Star, China Logistics and China Rare Earth Group, have been integrated, and the state-owned economy has been further concentrated in strategic emerging industries.The modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics has become more mature and established, and the pre-to-do list has been fully formulated and implemented.According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), more than 890 mixed-ownership reforms will be carried out by central enterprises in 2021, bringing in more than 380 billion yuan of social capital.The 13 listed companies controlled by central soes have introduced strategic investors holding more than 5% of their shares as active shareholders to continuously improve corporate governance.Of the nearly 100 state-level pilot enterprises that have completed major tasks, their state-owned capital and equity have increased by an average of more than 20%, and their operating revenue has increased by an average of 22.6% compared with before the reform. More than 10 pilot enterprises have been listed on the stock market.We introduced and implemented a series of measures to support the reform and development of private enterprises, and further implemented policies to cut taxes and fees and policies to provide financial services to private enterprises, achieving notable results.In 2021, the number of market entities in China will reach 150 million, with private enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises accounting for over 90% of the total. 78,000 new market entities will be set up every day, of which over 20,000 will be enterprises.Throughout the year as the market main body and burden of more than 2.6 trillion yuan, more than 1 trillion yuan, the new tax cuts JiangFei national pratt & Whitney small micro loan balance year-on-year growth of 27.3%, the enterprise activity of more than 70%, as the “castle peak to stay, to win the future” played a huge role, formed the big enterprise continuous development, micro, small and medium enterprises and individual businesses with market main body structure,This fully demonstrates the great strength of China’s socialist market economy.At the press conference on the economic operation of central enterprises in 2021, Peng Huagang introduced that the operating revenue of central enterprises in 2021 reached 36.3 trillion yuan, up 19.5% year on year and an average growth of 8.2% in two years.Total profit reached 2.4 trillion yuan and net profit 1.8 trillion yuan, up 30.3% and 29.8% year-on-year respectively, and the two-year average growth rate was 14.5% and 15.3% respectively.The targets set at the beginning of the year for operating income margin, r&d investment intensity, total labor productivity, and asset-liability ratio were fully met.How to “mix” “change” shoulder carry?At present, mixed reform of state-owned enterprises has been effective.More than 40 central and local soes actively promoted listing financing in 2021, up 79.17 percent year on year and 10.26 percent on 2020, sasAC data showed.Peking University management consulting group partner Sun Liancai shareholders said, under the background of digital economy, state-owned enterprises to be forward-looking layout, focus on capital breakthrough “their” technology and basic industries, and money is the foundation of the development of economy, technology and data, therefore, to enhance the international status of state-owned enterprises, have a voice in the world, should be prepared to capital.Wang Peng, associate professor at Renmin University of China and an expert on government governance, also said that the important reason for soE reform is to reduce homogenous competition, complement the weak links in the industrial chain, and enhance the ability to resist risks, so as to open up the industrial chain and reduce internal friction. Therefore, “mixed” capital is very necessary.Wu Gangliang told The China Times: “Mixed capital reform means’ mixed ‘capital,’ changed ‘mechanism, obviously seeking to go public is mixed capital.”The state-owned capital investment and operation company is a professional and market-oriented state-owned capital operation platform. It does not operate specific business itself, but mainly operates equity investment.Therefore, the implementation of mixed reform by the two types of companies conforms to their professional division of labor.In addition, commercial State-Owned enterprises are located in the field of full competition and have a high degree of marketization. State-owned capital can not hold the shares, so there is a large space for the implementation of mixed reform.Wu Gangliang pointed out: “The current pain point of mixed-use reform is’ mixed without changing ‘, we must adhere to both ‘mixed’ and ‘reform’.”Mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises refers to the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, in which non-public capital is added on the basis of state holding, or the state holding leads.The mixed reform of state-owned enterprises cannot be achieved by giving more weight to the mixed reform and less weight to the reform. To promote the successful implementation of the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, we must adhere to both “mixed reform” and “reform”.”Some companies have merged in form, but there is no deep integration in management. They are still ‘two skins’, obsessed with’ who eats who ‘and how to arrange positions.In this way, not only did not form a good cooperation, but also intensified the internal friction of the mechanism.Wu Gangliang said.