Peugeot 4008 is neither a doll nor a school of its own

2022-07-16 0 By

French cars often give people the impression of distinctive design style, for example, dongfeng Peugeot brand models, only with a pair of lion-shaped bionic front face people will never forget.However, in addition to the appearance level, what are the technical reserves of French vehicles?After all, As a European power, France has its own set of technologies, from rockets and airplanes to ships and high-speed rail.What I want to share today is the new 4008PHEV 4WD, the flagship technology of French cars in China.Just so you know, it’s got three power and electric four-wheel-drives.That’s interesting, right? Keep reading!No bs, 4008 new PHEV 4 wd vehicles, to sum up there are so few big advantage l French front sharp design, no dolls, car represents a kind of personality view l can get a green card, and enjoy the new index of energy policy, at the same time can also be exempted from tax l no range anxiety, want to go to where to go, want to open a l power strong, how are we going to doWith steam engine oil plus two sets of electric motors and four-wheel drive system (three-engine four-wheel drive) L power output with gearbox buffering, not like electric car acceleration is very Menang neither set, nor blindly follow, the design of its own school of new 4008PHEV the main change comes from the appearance of innovation.As you can see from the pictures, it has adopted a new and beautiful design element, with a sharp, youthful and, more importantly, non-slavish style.At present, domestic cars, especially joint-venture cars are mostly extended down the family design.On the plus side, the design is stable and error-free.The disadvantages are also obvious, the personality is lost, the whole brand is a face.The bright design of the new 4008 lies in the middle of the net. The dot matrix endless air intake grille does not use the popular mouth wind, which is very unique and attracts the eye effect full marks.