Physical examination found 6 diseases, sounds very terrible, basic need not be treated, do not spend more money in vain

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In recent years, medical technology continues to bring forth new, updated and improved, and people pay more and more attention to their own health problems.If there is a sudden illness in a short period of time, it makes people panic and worry about endangering their life and health. They choose emergency treatment and spend a lot of money to treat minor diseases, which will not only have no effect, but lead to worse illness and empty wallet.Medical detect 6 kinds of disease, listening to the terrible, basic need not, don’t spend more than necessary, heart premature beat 1 human heart has belongs to own rhythm alone, if rhythm disorders or appear early clinical called heart premature beat, usually the heart can cause premature phenomenon according to the environmental factors and emotional, but not particularly evident that is most frequently.Occasional premature beats do not need excessive treatment, will not induce a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, if accompanied by obvious palpitations, must go to the hospital for testing or angina pectoris.2, cervical erosion female friends hear the word cervical erosion, very panic, worry and fear, feel cervix ulceration must be a big disease.But the World Health Organization gynecological health research report shows that cervical erosion is a common disease, is not a big problem, and the cause of disease is caused by hormone levels disorder in the body, erosion degree affected by menstruation.After menstruation, abdominal distention and pain, it is recommended that women timely HPV screening.3, mild fatty liver Modern people work fast pace, life pressure, usually greasy diet, so young people are often detected in the physical examination of mild fatty liver.So-called slight fatty liver, did not happen to the serious level of fatty liver, the doctor is just in warning you, must change diet structure.At this time the liver function was not greatly damaged, there is no need for excessive treatment, there will be no abnormal disease, as long as the active abstinence, improve the diet structure at the same time, the right amount of physical exercise, completely reversible to restore to the early state.4. Chronic superficial gastritis often ingests raw and cold, stimulating and spicy food with heavy taste, plus hunger and a full meal, leading to many young people’s gastrointestinal fragility.Many people who undergo gastroscopy are diagnosed with chronic superficial gastritis.There is no need to be too nervous, because everyone’s intake of food will lead to gastric mucosa damage, once there is gastric mucosa bleeding, it will be concluded that superficial gastritis, and superficial gastritis particles can be improved in a short time as long as you pay attention to maintenance in life, eat more stomach-nourishing food, and take medicine on time.Only during the treatment of gastritis, must give up smoking and alcohol, away from spicy stimulating food, reduce the burden of gastrointestinal system metabolism, care for health.5, liver calcification foci liver calcification foci do not belong to the category of disease, but belong to imaging manifestations.The range referred to was the appearance of high-density image feedback similar to calculi in the liver during CT B-ultrasound examination.Liver calcification foci cannot resolve themselves and heal themselves, but more than 95% of the lesions will not occur, so there is no need to overtreat, special treatment, as long as you take good care of the liver in life, no other sources of lesions can be.6, physiological mammary gland hyperplasia mammary gland hyperplasia, breast nodules are very common female gynecological diseases.Adult women more than 90% of the existence of mammary gland hyperplasia phenomenon 10 points normal, generally will not develop for breast cancer, there is no need for special treatment.So-called physiology, mammary gland hyperplasia is the occurrence of early menstruation breast distension pain and other situations, the end of menstruation, distension pain disappear.Pathologic, hyperplasia of mammary gland, persistent pain, not affected by hormones.Annual mammography is recommended for women after age 30 to determine the risk of breast disease.
In general, most people in life do not understand the clinical professional terms and diagnostic theory, so the checklist rarely see puzzling rare words will be linked to major diseases, leading to panic.In fact, many diseases just sound terrible and have no effect on the body. Do not spend a lot of money on special treatment. It is completely unnecessary.Guide to Summer Regimen