Wuqiang New Year pictures travel north and south “happy New Year” busy

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“Elder sister, our wuqiang New Year painting winter Olympics cabin is about to be completed, at the foot of the Great Wall in the World Portuguese garden winter Olympics torch relay area, continue to dress up in…””Well, thank you very much.Thank you for supporting Wuqiang New Year pictures and doing so much for us!”On the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Chen Hezhi, director of the Research office of the Wuqiang New Year Painting Museum, smiles at a wechat message. Her short conversation is filled with sincere thanks.This Spring Festival, the prevention and control of the epidemic has hindered the steps of the staff of wuqiang New Year Paintings Museum, but it has not stopped the pace of Wuqiang New Year paintings going abroad.As the end of the New Year approaches, Wuqiang New Year pictures travel all over the world, exhibiting everywhere, and sending the thick flavor of the New Year to thousands of households.”Since the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, we have been receiving calls from the museum inviting Wu Qiang’s New Year paintings to participate in cultural exchange activities.”Wuqiang New Year paintings have been featured in exhibitions or lantern festivals held in Shijiazhuang, Beijing, Ningbo and even Taiwan, some of which continue until after the Spring Festival.””Despite the containment of the epidemic, Wuqiang New Year pictures are gaining more and more vitality and are known by more and more people,” Chen said proudly.Look — Ningbo China Port Museum, “Charm for thousands of years – Wu Qiang New Year and our Spring Festival” Wu Qiang New Year painting thematic exhibition is held, Wu Qiang New Year painting museum collection since the Qing Dynasty New Year treasures and more than 100 pieces of quality concentrated appearance, harvest praise repeatedly;In hebei Province library, “Yinhu Spring Greeting Painting Auspicious – Wu Qiang New Year Painting Exhibition” wonderful appearance, not only shows the tiger and zodiac, door god door painting, auspicious festival, folk current events and other seven series of New Year painting works, but also set up handmade, rubbing New Year painting area, fully show the charm of traditional culture;Winter Olympic Torch relay area, Wuqiang New Year pictures winter Olympics cabin has been dressed up, with traditional Chinese zodiac pictures and winter Olympics theme pictures to welcome the torchbearers and guests around the review;At the Nantou Lantern Festival in Taiwan, more than 50 wuqiang New Year paintings from the Qing Dynasty were displayed, showing the rich connotation of Chinese New Year culture.Wuqiang New Year pictures have also become a New Year gift of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, which has been distributed to various trade unions to send thick New Year wishes to everyone…Wuqiang New Year pictures have been inherited for nearly 800 years. Why are you so busy?It’s always innovating and changing.From the beginning of pure manual description, to the later wood color;From the theme of happy folk custom to the theme of patriotic revolution during the Anti-Japanese War…Wuqiang New Year pictures retain vitality in the changes, Wuqiang County has also been named by the Ministry of Culture as the “Hometown of Woodblock New Year Pictures art”.”I am very happy to be one of the nine cities that will exhibit the Lantern Festival in Nantou, Taiwan, to contribute to the cultural and art exchanges across the Taiwan Straits.With the Winter Olympics coming up, Wuqiang New Year pictures are sure to gain new friends.”At the beginning of the New Year, Chen Believes that Wuqiang New Year paintings will usher in better inheritance and development. “The content is changing, and the form is changing.From closed to open, Wuqiang New Year pictures are constantly ‘going out’, so that more people have the opportunity to know and love it, and thus constantly radiating new life.”Source: Hengshui News Network