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Love has no end, you are the sail, where you stand, WHERE I will go!Meeting you is the most important thing in my life worth mentioning in front of others.The river is rushing into the sky, the sun is setting over the eastern horizon as usual, AND I don’t miss you.Arrogant, childish I also have all, but just because the other side is you, I am willing to indulge this arrogance.Your name is only two short words, even if not a sentence, but can be filled with my heart.In such casual falling snow, such as slightly cold winter wind, such as the New Year’s fireworks and better us.I love waking up, slouching under the covers, gently picking up my phone, and you just happened to text me.Sometimes I feel that you are like the air, the air is everywhere in this world, and you are like the air in my heart.Remember to be true to me, and always love me, because from the beginning of love you from the moment I have no plan to leave my way behind.Most of the time our myopia ignores our mutual love;But there are also times when our farsightedness causes us to overlook the happiness closest to us.If it is raining heavily and you insist on sending flowers to me, I will wait for you on the most conspicuous step holding an umbrella and an oversized coat.My world, warm sun overflow, breeze genial, time and you are very precious, I want to always stand in place, waiting for the wind also waiting for you.Write you down in books, on walls, in dreams.