First-tier city Spring Festival market fancy promotional volume is almost zero, how to return a responsibility?

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During this year’s Spring Festival, although developers launched a variety of promotional means, shenzhen’s property market is still very depressed, the market almost zero transactions.How is the market going after the holiday?Shenzhen: the housing market continued to low transaction volume of new housing projects fancy discount promotion reporters visited a number of new real estate in Shenzhen to learn that the pre-holiday new residential projects into the market is generally not as expected by developers.With the recent increase in personnel back to the deep, real estate transaction recognition to warm up.During this year’s Spring Festival, most of shenzhen’s new home project marketing center has chosen to open normally or resume business in advance, the site launched a variety of promotional means.Shenzhen real estate sales staff: during the Spring Festival preferential activities, there are 9 sets of home appliances lucky draw.There are also some golden egg smashing activities, smoking small appliances.Shenzhen real estate agent: at present longhua new house some real estate concessions are relatively large, such as longhua Big wave over the new dish, there are three 99 percent discount during the New Year, each floor, each room number of the house price has different concessions.Statistics from the Shenzhen Real Estate Agents Association show that during the Spring Festival period (Jan 31 to Feb 6), the turnover of new houses and second-hand houses (completed ownership transfer) was 0 and 1 respectively.The market is depressed and wait-and-see sentiment is strong.At the beginning of 2022, a number of new stock markets in Shenzhen got off to a bad start and the sales market was significantly divided.As the long-term mechanism of Shenzhen real estate market gradually takes shape, the days of developers waiting for customers to come to the door to grab a house are over.Under the background of depressed transaction of second-hand houses, it has become a common phenomenon for real estate agents to sell new houses as agents.Xu Hongmei is responsible for the store, during the Spring Festival, most of the salesmen have turned to the new house market, and even the new plate sales agent in the surrounding areas of Shenzhen.According to Centaline Property Research Institute, there are 67 new residential projects for sale in Shenzhen, including previous hot new developments such as Runxi Ii of China Resources City, Shenzhen Tierui City and Xinghe Tiandi Huadi.With the passage of time, shenzhen new house market is becoming more and more serious differentiation, in addition to the individual hot real estate, many projects opened to reduce the rate of obvious decline.Shenzhen real estate agency company Futian North deputy general manager Sun Jiayan: it is obvious that longhua, Baoan, shajing’s deal is better than bright, because its second-hand housing prices are obviously more expensive than the first hand housing, loans are not convenient, when the difference is 10%-20%, the advantage of the first hand housing is very obvious.Reporters learned that the downturn in the property market is not only in Shenzhen, many key monitoring cities across the country have seen a substantial decline in the volume of real estate transactions.A total of 17 new residential units of 1,770 square meters were sold during this year’s Spring Festival, down 70.69 percent from last year.He Qianru, director of National Research Center of Shenzhen Midland Realty, said: The Spring Festival is not the peak season for real estate sales. Compared with previous years, it is just a normal depressed state.It is believed that as more returnees return to Shenzhen to work, the sales of new homes will gradually pick up.Shenzhen second-hand housing reference price implemented for a year part of the second-hand housing transaction price 30% off Shenzhen primary housing transaction is depressed, the second-hand housing transaction situation is not optimistic, shenzhen second-hand housing reference price has been issued for one year, the market regulation effect is obvious.In the past January, shenzhen second-hand housing transaction fell to the lowest in nearly a decade, so after the Spring Festival shenzhen second-hand housing market trend?In Shenzhen Futian district of a real estate intermediary store, intermediary personnel told reporters, this year during the Spring Festival, they will play three to four hundred telephone interview customers every day, but a week down, the whole store’s second-hand take to see the amount of basic zero, the whole area did not deal.As the volume of second-hand housing continues to be low, the owners of the price is gradually relaxed, buyers bargaining space increased.According to the data provided by shenzhen Real Estate Information Platform, in January 2022, a total of 1,557 second-hand houses were sold in Shenzhen, down 64.38% year on year, and the transaction area was 147,300 square meters, down 75.04% year on year, which is the lowest value in the past decade.Data from a number of real estate agencies show that more and more second-hand housing transactions close to the reference price.A year after the introduction of the new policy on second-hand housing reference prices, the average transaction price of some popular residential areas in Shenzhen fell by 20%-30%, and some residential areas were equivalent to a 70% discount.Sun Jiayan, deputy general manager of Futian North district of a real estate agency in Shenzhen, said: Before the Spring Festival and after the Spring Festival, in January and February, the current second-hand housing depends on the situation, mainly focused on the second-hand housing source close to the guideline price, from the guideline price gap is relatively large, the turnover is very small, even zero transaction.Follow the house that guiding price is close to, clinch a deal at present also is the small house below 120 square metre basically.According to shenzhen Real estate Information Platform, 40,699 second-hand homes were sold in 2021 in Shenzhen, down 57.3% year-on-year and hitting a new low in the past 15 years.Insiders said, Shenzhen second-hand housing reference price New Deal short-term impact on the market, but in the long term, is conducive to the second-hand housing market expected stability.In addition, as of January this year, the average mortgage interest rate in 103 major cities across the country has been adjusted back for four consecutive months, and the average mortgage interest rate and loan cycle have returned to the level in the middle of last year.Since the middle of December last year, many banks in Shenzhen have also lowered mortgage rates. The mainstream interest rate for the first home mortgage in Shenzhen is 4.95%, and the mainstream interest rate for the second home mortgage is 5.25%.Song Ding, Deputy director of China Urban Economic Experts Committee: I think it is a very positive signal for the market, which was relatively cold last year. It makes the market think that the overall real estate market should bottom out and pick up in 2022. I think this is the general trend.It will be difficult for the market to reverse immediately after this.There may need to be several months of balancing and even further rate cuts.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: