Lu ‘an, Anhui: A fourth round of nucleic acid testing is underway in a medium-risk area

2022-07-17 0 By

A police cordon is posted at the gate of a residential community under static management in Lu ‘an, East China’s Anhui province, April 7, 2022.The epidemic prevention and control emergency response headquarters of Lu ‘an city, Anhui Province, made a decision on Monday to demarcate the city’s risk areas and control areas.Building 8, Baoye Community, Chengnan Town, Yu ‘an District was designated as a medium-risk area.13 places, such as Building 15, Zone B, Kuixing Pavilion Garden, East Zhejiang Trade City, have been demarcated as the containment area;Wangcheng Street, Wanding Yinhewan and other 13 areas are controlled areas;Areas in Jin ‘an district and Yu ‘an District other than containment and control areas are prevention areas.Meanwhile, the fourth round of nucleic acid testing for all staff in urban areas is being conducted in an orderly manner.By midnight on April 6, a total of 1 confirmed case and 17 asymptomatic cases had been reported in Lu ‘an.In order to meet the needs of static management of epidemic prevention and control, and effectively guarantee the basic supply of daily necessities and fresh commodities for residents during the static management emergency response period in urban areas, it is decided that the key enterprises of epidemic prevention emergency protection and supply can launch the online appointment and contactless distribution service of daily necessities and fresh commodities supply for urban areas.