Relaxed wear not yoga pants belong to, collocation style to pursue a unique style, especially good-looking

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Relaxed wear not yoga pants belong to, collocation style to pursue a unique style, especially good-looking.Yoga pants with reasonable collocation and can show high and thin, is now a lot of girls like the single product.However, when it comes to wearing this piece, sometimes you just can’t make the right choice, which not only can’t achieve a successful wearing, but also can’t make a good fashion. So let’s take a look at how to wear long-sleeve yoga pants for bodies above 165.For more than 165 the size of the how to match the long-sleeved yoga pants straight long sleeve yoga pants recommendation: the length of the length is in knee above, to cover up their thighs, and also to be able to modify women overall proportions, tightly into her clothes skirt, this can let a female figure scale looks better, nature can show high show thin.Of course, the collocation of yoga pants is also related to length. Generally, this kind of yoga pants is suitable for revealing half of the waist, which can be very good to modify the proportion of the body, and can also block the hip part, show the perfect line, and make the whole woman more graceful.This kind of yoga pants still need to be relatively long, the middle sleeve yoga pants is the best to wear, so that the legs can be more thin, in the look is also more slim, there is no thin feeling.Too short yoga pants, while covering the leg type, will appear the whole person more robust, but also need to match the appropriate jacket.Pleated skirt should be a kind of yoga pants that many girls like. The hem of the skirt is reduced to expose the thigh, which is simple and easy to wear. It is best to cover the sleeves of the suspenders, so that the shortcomings of the body can be well covered.And if some slippers or high-heeled shoes in the home, also can use slippers Gao Genlai blocking may appear thighs, such can more show thin legs, have a good visual effect.3. A word yoga pants recommend: a word of yoga pants are generally more girl will choose, for this kind of yoga pants, women’s right to compare the hem of the skirt, don’t too tight or too loose, so that more can modify legs, and can also split up and down through the different cloth bust, this can be more beautiful, and show thin legs.