Simbagan’s daughter has gone off the air and revealed the cause of her illness

2022-07-17 0 By

Guide language: With the development of short video platform, more and more people through short video burst fire, also more and more people, joined to eat broadcast this one industry, in eat broadcast in the most famous is bubble dragon, fat monkey baby, there is a girl called cat sister.Cat sister with the top two platforms are not the same, but the cat sister on ks platform, there are nearly 50 million fans, he is simba’s anchor, as is known to all, simba was the founder of the XinXuan company, is also a platform of an elder brother, after his peak position, choose to take a back seat and begin to cultivate other anchors in the company, the cat sister is the key object.Thought the cat sister will go on and on development of this, but unexpectedly, spread the message of an explosive, cat sister is sick, should be hospitalized, but she didn’t want to be in hospital, because someone will take off once off powder, but under the force of parents, she chose was in the hospital, have insider revealed that before the cat sister now hospitalization day to be up to ten,Although the money was spent, the disease did not improve.The doctor said that she suffered from severe anxiety disorder and brain problems caused by lack of sleep for a long time. If she continued to choose no treatment, she would suffer from cerebral palsy. Therefore, Sister Cat’s parents took her to see doctors everywhere.Simba said he is willing to spend 100 million yuan to send sister Cat abroad for treatment, if sister cat can recover, he will not let her so extravagant food and drink, will let her pay attention to health.Netizens have said that the cat sister is a serious disease, simba is a good teacher, would rather spend 100 million to cure the cat sister, also has many people to mention, had a cat sister, scholars, think white cat sister didn’t kneel, at the very least got, simba treat wholeheartedly, simba after all is a businessman, can tell the cat sister might no longer, so,And it proves that he really does, this little girl.Although the cat sister outside has been simba’s anchor, but she is simba’s dry daughter, but also his proud pupil, when the cat sister obeisance to the teacher, the kneeling ceremony, the highest etiquette dedicated to simba, with the help of Simba, cat sister heat, popularity and fans shot up, in the female anchor among the best.Today, but because of illness, forced to break this is unexpected, recently unveiled a platform performance result, XinXuan’s eat another beauty, has won the first, this is speculation, simba has started with new people, although simba is willing to pay, but after all is a businessman, holding the couple is very understandable.Conclusion: Do you have anything to say about this?Human organ tolerance capacity is limited, do not make money, and harm their organs, in the end, it is not necessary, through the health of the money do not let it be.