Xu Ma, you let a sentence of “sister” cheated a lot, don’t let a bunch of flowers narrowed your eyes ah

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Xu Ma, you let a sentence of a “sister” cheated not light, don’t let a bunch of flowers narrowed eyes ah brush to a video today, see someone on New Year’s Eve to give Xu Ma flowers, really touched xu Ma moved, really think the world is still good and justice of the people ah.However, a closer look at the flowers, the in the mind will have a strange feeling, the original all the way to Jiujiang to give Xu Ma flowers is not others, it is just announced back the net cat mother!Cat mother, to Xu Yao’s home, should not be an outsider, because the earliest support they trace the truth is the cat mother, the first point out that the other side using false card is the cat mother, but also because of these, the cat mother was sued by the other side.However, it seems that the lawsuit was dropped after The cat mother raised a jurisdiction issue. I heard that the other side had dropped the suit.Therefore, The cat mother changed her painting style and began to reverse the gun: repeatedly emphasized that Yao Wei enjoyed the dividend of 95 years of birth certificate, with 95 years of birth certificate to pass the auxiliary police;He repeatedly emphasized that Tian Jing was the daughter-in-law of the guo family, ignoring the fact that Yao Wei had no legally recognized adoption relationship with the Guo family.Kaifeng uncle in aunt mother and daughter were killed after the release of the second blog, is audited by the cat mother, a blog, cat mother the first to stand out that uncle tore, scold is tian.The said finished, want to say say thoroughly, how to go to Jiujiang to send xu Ma flowers?In the eyes of kind-hearted netizens, Xu Ma is a silly white sweet, because she can not stand three good words.For this, a lot of net friends silently worry for her: Xu Ma.You were fooled by a sentence like “sister” before, don’t let a bunch of flowers squint your eyes now.Think at the beginning, yao guo two children after the recognition, each other special atmosphere, a “sister”, it is said that xu Ma are called to flatten, can not find the north, the results step by step into the trap set by the other party.This time the cat mother to send flowers, it seems that she did not originally support the pursuit of the truth!If I’m the person involved, and you’ve been supporting me in my pursuit of the truth, am I the one who should be sending flowers?Why is it the other way around?For this, some net friends point to the point: there is no compensate face cook!