Yunnan Manya Coffee Culture Museum has become a provincial popular science base

2022-07-17 0 By

Recently, the yunnan province department website issued on the identified 23 units for the 13th batch of popular science bases in yunnan province and the cancellation of the 19 units notice of title of popular science bases in yunnan province, among them, the NingEr hani yi nationality autonomous county of yunnan cliff made the coffee culture museum, became the first coffee class provincial science base in yunnan province.The popular science base of Yunnan province is an important place to display the popular science resources with Yunnan characteristics, an important position to popularize scientific knowledge to the public and improve the scientific literacy of the whole people, and a backbone to carry out social, mass and regular popular science activities.These popular science bases have rich resources, wide coverage and a large audience, and have played an important role in popularizing scientific knowledge, advocating scientific methods, spreading scientific ideas, promoting scientific spirit, and promoting citizens’ scientific literacy.Up to now, there are 198 provincial popular science bases in Yunnan province, among which there are 12 in Pu ‘er City.Learned, yunnan diffuse cliff coffee culture museum is a small grain of coffee producing professional exhibition hall, around the coffee history, culture, etiquette, efficacy, cultivation, production and processing knowledge to carry out all-round display, publicity, inheriting the coffee production process, carrying forward the culture of coffee, has now become a coffee image, brand culture promotion, display the new window.Depth in order to let visitors understand the coffee culture, region of diffuse cliff manor also set up special coffee leisure tourism resort, based on the modification of estate surrounding villages, perfect the rural pastoral landscape, mining characteristic folk culture, to build up a coffee leisure tourism attractions, and diffuse cliff of yunnan coffee culture museum complementary matching the pattern of industrial development,To achieve high-quality tourism services of “eating, living, traveling, traveling, entertainment and shopping”, further form a tourism aggregation integrating agricultural leisure, cultural experience, coffee science popularization learning experience, elderly health care in one, and establish a tourism development model integrating agriculture, tourism and culture.(Source: Pu ‘er Daily Correspondent Wu Ming Editing by Zhang Yi)