Bear to father-in-law shoelaces, fans say, net friend: aunt know

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Recent woman really is a woman here kind daughter-in-law filial piety father-in-law joy bloom, bear not only to in-laws bed was celebrating a birthday, still live with their in-laws, buy new clothes for big niang “two shoes, also took the time to party with friends, go home to feed my grandpa durian, don’t know who thought it was the 18th filial piety kannika nimtragol,” model of time, “so he is not white.For the bear’s recent form is refresh many net friend’s eyes and glasses, especially a teddy bear with big niang video “to buy clothes, little bear not only give mother bought a lot of people can’t afford to buy mink coats, buy shoes back to her father-in-law, 2” when I try on shoes, the waiter didn’t tube but somebody else’s daughter-in-law bear and pound, 2 “the pony which sit tight.Bear crouched down to try on his father-in-law’s shoes and tie his shoelaces. It was a five-star service that yao Ce, his son, had never done, and yao Ce, his husband, had never enjoyed.Such a small video, immediately get a lot of netizens question, but it seems has posed the suspicion of ah, this also no wonder netizens, daughter-in-law who can give her father-in-law to such services, and the waiter, he said no waiter and big niang, themselves and no big niang “two hands, zha, two of the essence of” getting out of the working people.To say aunt home, know more clear, also this question sounds a big niang two bear haven’t said what, just don’t know is which netizens came out, the net friend also don’t know which know that is the case, said second job injury, the bear kind to tie his shoes is very normal, also should advocate filial piety to help the old man, and is not a good woman to train,It’s just that little bear is kind.Such an explanation, can not help but refresh the glasses of the net friend, the net friend can not help but want to ask two uncle injured?What hurt?The injury?What kind of injury needs someone to tie your shoelaces?Does mama know about this?Have 2 uncle injured again, don’t so many years 2 uncle’s shoes are aunty to carry, shoelaces are aunty to fasten, that must give aunty award, golden statuette is not good, but five good old daughter-in-law should no problem!Aunt this family is really the injury of the injury of the disease, really need everyone’s help, ah, too poor!This family is really to be more kind have more kind, filial piety touched day!Why do you cry and laugh when you’re a host?Net friend: Look here